Friday, August 18, 2006

Your Preppy Ass

Friendly You Tube comments responding to my video, Green Day Temper Tantrum, Parts 1 and 2, and my PREPPY (!?) look:

GreenDayGal2 (3 months ago)
she is WAY 2 preppy

TeethLicker (3 months ago)
douchebag!! you have serious mental issues! Wow! I'm not dumb enough to beleive you! Its pretty sad that other people do. And they talk to you even after you pretend to be mean to Billie Joe. He's a rockstar, he's not going to waste his time talking to your preppy ass!

GreenDayGal2 (3 months ago)
That Eva girl was annoying. She sounded so valley girl.

Back in the Valley Girl days, preppy meant rich kids that didn’t get punk. Now you have “Bad Religion hanging out with Britney Spears/Pink and Rancid helping each other’s careers,” so preppy is the only thing left. Laugh if you want, but it’s gotten so hard to be weird these days you have to practically build a brick wall around yourself and be prepared to zoom over to the new thing at the drop of a trucker hat.

Take THAT GreenDayGal2 and Teethlicker! Screw you and your inventive names!!!


evadeadbeat (2 months ago)

emoboysarehottest (3 months ago)
you really are an arsehole aren't you?.....yea?
thats what i thot
just cos u hav nothin better to so u hav to take the pish out ov billie
u never thot tht he mite be ah bit pissed about the fame thing an had had a drink........he was jooost ah bit angry at stuff.....
but oh no...u had to come out with yer crap[<3]
ps emo rockks

kitten1989us (2 months ago)
i kinda think this is bs..... but thats just me.
Whatshername51 (2 months ago)
I agree with Kitten1989us :|
kitten1989us (2 months ago)
thanks im not alone on this at least
Whatshername51 (2 months ago)
Kitten1989us you are definately not alone, this sucks it's so stupid
kitten1989us (2 months ago)
I kinda have a feeling its not a real story cause shes using clips from other shows on both parts of it. I mean its just all a little odd that she has no real evidence. :/
Whatshername51 (2 months ago)
Yeah it's not real, but it's still stupid
kitten1989us (2 months ago)
yes I do concur on the stupidy of this
I agrre with you two. It's DUMB!!!!


Tmoore said...

yes, indeed, uh hu. i do concure, with their stupidity.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

good, glad i am not alone on this at least.

Tod said...

You can never be too preppy.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

True...although I think you might win the preppy prize if there were ever a Preppy Contest! My, I do love those pastels and clean lines! No muss, no fuss!