Saturday, August 26, 2006

Paris VS Loca

"I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it's so good." - Paris the Humble speaks about her new album

Paris Hilton has released her album (sales are not so HOT at the moment, YES, there is a God!) and the buzz on the street is, "Wow, it doesn't suck!" Good job Paris! You don't suck, or, er, well, you DO suck, sometimes, I mean, we've all seen you sucking...but, ehm...moving right along...

Paris' presence on YouTube has annoyed some and been welcomed by others. Like many other popular web gathering places, YouTube is trying to figure out how to make money without selling out to the "man" (see article here). Instead, they are selling out to Paris Hilton whose channel is being advertised on their site.

I understand their need for funding but I would still like to see YouTube remain the place for the "little people." You know, the people who don't have million dollar paychecks, travel the world with their pint sized pets and DO wear outfits more than once. You know, the people that grill your burgers, take out your trash and then go home to video blog? The real human beings?

Speaking of real, LittleLoca has some trash to talk about Paris and it is nice to hear one of the YouTube celebs speaking so plainly to the blonde bimbo.

Says LittleLoca, "Come on homegirl, get the hell outta here...This is our place homegirl, not yours."

Nevermind the fact that LittleLoca herself is somewhat of an enigma. Loca is an actress/model named Stevie Ryan (interview with Stevie here) working hard to make it in LA. Stevie is as skinny as Paris, as pretty and as photogenic, but she does not have heiress before her name and in LA, you need that edge.

Stevie plays a lot of popular identities on YouTube and her most famous is LittleLoca, a confident Mexican homegirl who wears blood red lipstick and does not mince words. Stevie also plays a French chanteuse, Ooohlalaa, a fake Paris Hilton bitchy girl called TheRealParis and, of course, she plays herself, StevieRyan. I hope all her hard work leads to a career in show biz, she definitely earns points for creativity and interesting YouTube wars with Boh3m3, Emmalina and Morbeck.

Says Loca to Paris, "Why the hell are you gonna come up on YouTube and take that away from us fool? Seriously homegirl, you rich people got all this money and you get everything for have everything you want in the world, why you gotta come out where the little people hang out and ruin this for us now?"

Damn good question Loca. Currently, Paris has about 3000 subscribers to LittleLoca's 5,200 subscribers. Let's hope YouTube remains a place for the little Loca people and it does not turn into a creepy money making media driven machine.

Many YouTubers have been weighing in on Paris' YouTube arrival. Among them, the YouTube grumpy star Boh3m3 adds this video to the discussion (see video).

"Hey Paris, welcome to the party, now go home...You don't belong here lady, leave," says Boh3m3.

Perhaps Loca and Paris could have a fight to death in a special ring designed for YouTube viewers? I would eat popcorn and yell at the screen, "Go Little Loca/Stevie Ryan/OooLaLaa/The Real Paris!! Rip her hair extensions out and ram them down her throat!"

But until that happy day comes along, here is Loca's rant, the Anti-Paris tirade comes in at about 2:35 minute mark:


Anonymous said...

I adore Stevie Ryan! All her characters are wonderful!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i agree! hope she makes it big in movies if that is her goal!