Monday, August 07, 2006

Cruise Smackdown

Hee hee, Mel Gibson is not the only celeb cowering in the harsh spotlight of public disapproval, now Maverick is standing hand in hand with Mad Max (see article here)! Reportedly, Tom Cruise has been dropped from his deal with Paramount Studio due to his disappointing box office returns, excessively high salary and his descending Q Score.

Hollywood studios are influenced by Q Scores, an annual poll of a celebrity’s likeability. In the last poll the percentage of Americans who liked Cruise fell from 30% two years ago to 19%, while people who disliked him jumped from 14% to 31%. The next Q Score, due to be released confidentially to the studios next month, is expected to be even worse.

Henry Schaffer, of Marketing Evaluations, which carries out the Q Score polls, said that Cruise has suffered in particular with young women, especially compared with more low-profile stars such as Tom Hanks. “The two Toms used to be neck-and-neck at the top of the Hollywood tree, but the more flamboyant Tom is in danger of crash and burn,” he said. - John Harlow, The Times

Q Scores are fascinating, to say the very least. You can even go to the website of the company that does these all powerful surveys and check out sample Q Scores (link here). Oddly enough, celebs like Julia Roberts and Billy Crystal share a Q Score of 29 while the computer Deep Blue shared a Q Score of 9 with Carmen Electra, Howard Stern and Batman. Sad, really.

What would life be like if everyone you knew had a Q Score? If we got to rate family members, friends and lovers? And what if these scores were available for all to see and they affected what jobs we got, how much we got paid, who we dated and what friends we made?

And what if these ratings were re-calculated every 6 months to make sure we stayed on our game!? Sounds pretty darn cool, eh!? I will start working on a prototype, perhaps it could be called D Score for deadbeat? I imagine I would test poorly among those that know me but have high ratings among young children and yaks in remote areas of Tibet!

Meanwhile, the tabloids are still salivating for a picture of little Suri Cruise. Apparently, the going rate for a picture of little Suri is 6 million dollars. Zowie! I guess Papa Cruise could always make some $$ off his offspring if no one is silly enough to pay him top dollar for another movie role!

The question remains, when will Cruise choose to unveil the little ducky? It's been reported that Penelope Cruiz seen the baby (article here), so it must be more that a figment of Cruise's imagination!

Insiders suggest that any baby pictures might be wrapped up into a wedding celebration for Cruise and his girlfriend. This is not expected to happen until Cruise has sorted out his employment prospects. Although he could produce films independently or offer himself as an actor for hire, pride is at stake and he is unlikely to get as good a deal as he had with Paramount. - John Harlow

Aw, must be rough, only being offered 10 million for a movie. What a gyp! But at least Cruise has the blessing of a sudden growth spurt to make him feel better! Read here (article) for a funny bit about Tom Cruise's new found height gain! His first appearance with post-baby Katie has shown a strange new symmetry in their heights where there once was a large difference.

Perhaps motherhood has shrunken dear Katie because, even in heels, she is now the same height as her once much shorter beau. Tom, you do continue to surprise! Perhaps this is yet another reward from the heavens for being a devoted scientologist?

And finally, here is a little bit of fun with Tom and Katie, courtesy of The Deadbeat Club. On a sad note, my Judy Garland video got pulled from You Tube for copyright infringement. Jeez Warner Brothers, don't you have a sense of humor? Apparently not, and chances are, this will happen again and then my account will be deleted. Oh well you tube, it was grand whilst it lasted!


Fuchsia Groan said...

Q ratings are terrifying and evil. Of course we all have one, we just don't know it. But our friends and families do...

Some part of me wants to respect Tom for finally standing up for what he believes in, what he's most passionate about, fame and popularity be damned. But the whole Katie deal just squicks me out too much. Check out this week's Lulu Eightball cartoon for a funny vision of Tom's next "child bride" (hint: she's played his DAUGHTER. But she'll be legal in just a few years!).

Eva the Deadbeat said...

perhaps if you bribe me with chocolate i will reveal your super hidden secret Q Rating. studies have been done, numbers have been calculated and your final score is....i will tell you later.

I say You Go Crazy Tom, go with your insane-self and keep us all mildly entertained as your fortune dwindles away to nothing! i love it that the ladies are losing faith in him - perhaps we are jealous he did buy us as his child bride? how dare he!?