Thursday, August 24, 2006

Make Love, Not Guns

So there is this creepy tragedy unfolding in Essex today with a bunch of shootings that left two people dead (see Burlington Freepress info here and WCAX info here). From the little bit of info they are releasing, it seems to be that a guy shot his ex-girlfriend and her mother as well as a bunch of other people along the way. And you ask yourself, how does love get to this point?

When I was 19 and in my senior year of college, a teenager went on a shooting rampage and killed my Spanish professor and an 18 yr old student (see info here). The shooter will spend the rest of his life in jail and some of his other victims still can't walk. The night of the shootings it was snowing and we were all holed up in our dorms waiting to hear what was going on - who was hurt, who was shooting and if he/she was going to come knocking at our door. It was a surreal evening and what I remember most was watching the snow fall outside the window while we awaited news.

To counteract the mood that senseless shootings can inspire, here is a montage all about love baby, yeah!


Anonymous said...

"When I was 19 and in my senior year of college"


By the way, your link to the Wikipedia takes you to Simon.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

oops, that was supposed to be a link to Simon's Rock College - which is a school that takes freaky 16 yr olds for college 2 yrs early...thus fostering an atmosphere of creative weirdos who did not fit into high school and have funny hairstyles and too much freedom to express themselves, good times...