Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Conan + YouTube + Emmys = WOW!

OK, so like most people I missed much of the Emmys and the little bits that I did see bored me to yawns. Luckily, The Daily Show and The Office got some well-deserved props but beyond that, I could have cared less about most of the bland TV fare they are pushing these days.

I mean, sheesh, who needs TV when you have YouTube, right? These days, I find myself watching more YouTube than TV. YouTube provides you with millions of options, peeks into random strangers bedrooms, a plethora of foreign TV bits and channel flipping options that are unparalleled in TV Land...and did I mention no commercials (yet).

Luckily for me, all the good bits from the Emmys were posted on YouTube immediately following its broadcast SO I got to enjoy the few good bits I missed. For instance, the big bang intro in which Conan O'Brien tumbles from one TV show to another (see video here).

With 9-11 flying fears still fresh for many of us, it was a little disturbing that the whole show kicked off with a realistic plane crash - but this intro was downright icky for the folks in Kentucky who had just experienced a real plane crash and did not see the humor through their trauma (see article here).

The plane crash was merely the lead in to a"Lost" segment which led to a genuinely funny bit where Conan climbed down into the set of "The Office," flirted with Pam, annoyed Dwight and stole some of Michael's thunder. Were it not for the wonders of YouTube, I never would have seen this little comedic gem!

My other favorite moment of the night was also posted on YouTube the next day (see video here). It was Jon Stewart (everyone's favorite porn for girls!) and Stephen Colbert who "brought the truth" to the "Godless sodomites" in Hollywood. Yes sir, that he did.

Colbert also expressed genuine astonishment (which we all shared) when he cried in shocked anguish, "I LOST TO BARRY MANILOW!?" I know, you were robbed Mr. Colbert. Manilow is unstoppable.

Said Colbert of TV: "It warps the minds of our children and weakens the resolve of our allies."

Said Colbert of the Emmy statues: "Kneel before your God Babylon!"

Another good bit was when Mindy Kaling's (writer and actor in "The Office") booby fell out of her dress while they were accepting their Best Comedy Show Emmy. Good one! The video of the nip slip and some other funny highlights are listed here on the always brilliant Defamer (link).

The greatest thrill, however, came when I was enjoying the better Emmy bits on YouTube the next day and was SHOCKED to hear Conan mention YouTube in his opening monologue!?

JEEZ! YouTube is like an unstoppable festering media tank that will plow through TV Land and our consumer cultural wasteland to leave a wrecked landscape of nothingness - sort of like what Barry Manilow did to the Emmys after his performance of "Bandstand."

So the Emmy YouTube mention goes something like this, Conan is teasing NBC for their crap ratings. He bursts out into a song called "Trouble" and bemoans the old days before Tivo when people went to the bathroom during commercials instead of skipping them. Then comes this bit:

"Then there's the internet. At this very moment your kids are on YouTube watching a CAT on a TOILET....instead of watching that footage where it belongs, on the Fox network!" - Conan O'Brien (me thinks this is the cat and the toilet video to which he refers but there are so many really, who can say...?)

Well put Conan. I wonder how many more YouTube references are to come and if, in the future, we will be watching MindTube (credit to Mr. Silverthorne on that one) where our brains will all be connected to each other and the voices in your head will be haters talking smack! Who knows, that day could be right around the corner!? In the meantime, we already have PornoTube (which is silly 'cause everyone knows YouTube has GREAT porn already!) - what is next?

Please to enjoy Conan's song and dance number with his YouTube reference which comes in at about the 7 minute mark:


steve said...

Whoa, check this out before Tom Cruise has it pulled:


casey said...

Sweet enturbulation!

That was very frightening.

Oh, and the Emmy post was swell. What a nipple.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

very funny...and scary. i bet tom cruise takes down youtube as retribution!

i am very impressed that Mindy Kaling can write, act, take the piss out of Matt and Ben AND bare a nipple on national TV - good on her! the best emmy win of the year in my book - second only to my beloved barry manilow...

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