Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Volunteer Search for Nick

4/26/08: Middlebury College freshman Nicholas Garza has been missing without a trace since February 5th.

His family and friends organized a volunteer search to look for leads last Saturday.

Music: Carrigan, "Sunshine Through the Waves," Young Men Never Die

Location: Middlebury, Vermont

King Lear is Stuck in VT

I think you will agree after watching this video that Brian Johnson (above) as the coolest eyebrows ever.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spielpalast und das Bettgeflüster evening of rowdy-rousing, rip-roaring musical numbers, naughty innuendos, dazzling dancehall floozies, and one hot band!!

Contois Auditorium @ Burlington City Hall
May 9, 10, 11 & 15, 16, 17

Purchase Tickets at:
$20 Advance/ $22 Day of Show

For more information visit our website: Spielpalast Cabaret

Remember to pass this along, you don't want anyone to
miss the fun!

Du bist schön. Dein Liebespfeil hat mich getroffen! Komm bitte her und verarzte mich!

Whoopsie Grrls at the Flynn Dog Friday

Come check out hottie Kat Clear in her pink crinolines this Friday at the Flynn Dog where she will be giggling away with her Whoopsie Grrls made out of metal. They throw a mean party, bring your corset and thigh highs.

I Love VT Backroads

Jeff made this cool video riding his bike along VT roads. Love the song and the views. Wish my bike had gears.

2008 Gravel Grinder ride, Waterbury VT from JG on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pure Pop is Stuck in VT

Pure Pop makes me glad. I can still recall how excited I was when we drove from Johnson to Burlington to get records there. I had to pester my mom for days to make the trip and it was my only access to real culture.

Zach Ward introduced me to Lou Reed and David Bowie and it was at Pure Pop that I finally understood what all the fuss was about. Oh, holy shit, now I get it.

Sigh, those YouTube haters are right, this is too much of a close up for me. But the problem is that I am shooting with a monopod and I have to hold the camera while I am blabbing. The worst thing is that I was thinking about those vapid assholes while I was editing this vlog. Grrr.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Search for Nick

What are you doing this weekend? You should come to Middlebury with us and look for Nick Garza.

You, too, can be involved in the Sat and Sun search by emailing:

I am going to be there, Molly is going to be there, Molly's dad may be there. You should be there too. Help us find him.

Featured on YouTube, Oh Joy, Not

Rome’s working class, the plebeians had little individual power.
Grouped together, however, they became a Roman mob and had to be handled carefully.

I never thought I would make it onto the YouTube homepage, never ever in one million years.

So when I logged onto my computer Sunday morning and my In box was packed full of messages from YouTube, I figured it was another channel page feature. I had to blink repeatedly when I clicked to the homepage and there we were.

Holy crap.

All day cabaret rehearsal and Stuck in Vermont 75: Jr Iron Chef views went from 374 to 130,000. Currently they are at 180,000 and our rating is 3.5 stars.

Many of the 300+ comments are vicious. Debating how gay VT is or isn't and how much VT sucks or does not suck. Pointing out how hideously unattractive I am with my googly eyes, greasy skin, bad table manners, annoying delivery...etc.

Molly did a nice recap of some of the more interesting comments. I have only waded through the comments a couple of times. It's rather painful.

Not all the featured videos get knocked so hard. The recently featured video of a cat playing with a theremin already has 800,000 hits, 4.5 stars and 3000 adoring comments along the lines of, "Awww, cute!" I can't compete with a cute kitty and the mob knows it.

Times like these make me glad I grew up without the internet. I can't imagine how I would have dealt with this sort of surreal ego-beating when I was an awkward teen. Thank goodness I am now an awkward middle-aged VTer where greasy skin is not a sin.

Hot Mama!

Nicci is just about the hottest pregnant lady I have ever seen so we had a mini-cabaret baby shower to show off her sexy tummy!

I did my first iron on experiment with an American Apparel shirt and then spilled water on it right before giving it to her! So no, that spill is not pre-birth lactating (does that exist?).
Suzanne made this lovely cake especially for Nicci. She makes cakes for all sorts of occasions and it was quite tasty after all that dancing.

Happy Baby Nicci!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kitteh Party

Sachie has some cool comics over at her blog documenting the 5-cat pile up at Margot's Friday but here are a few more. The top one is my favorite as it is so mysterious..."Hey you there Mr Puffyball, how you get in mai house?"
"Hey, is you mai friend?"

"Hey Mr Fluffyface, come back and plaaaaay!"
"I is not seeing you!"
"Help, we is trapped in here with three crazy camera wielding cat ladies!"
"There is no escape, don't make me destroy you."
"Luuuuke, you do not yet realize your importance, you have only begun to discover your power."
"Join me and I will complete your training. With our combined strength we can bring order to to the galaxy."
"Luke, I am your father!!"


Spring Cleaning

I hate to clean and here is why. When I start to clean, I get really obsessive and start noticing dirt and grime EVERYWHERE! Then I have to carefully scrub every nook and cranny and I barely accomplish anything.

The act of cleaning I do not mind so much, it is the facing of reality that I have a problem with.

My reality involves hardwood floors and two pets who shed all over the place. Everywhere I turn, there is hair, and more hair.

It is nice having clean floors but now I am obsessively worried about dirtying them again. Perhaps the real problem here is my obsessive compulsive disorder, and the fact that I could eat this weird combo for lunch.

Musical Chairs

Hey, you in MY BED Crawford!

BIG DEAL! We can share this bed! Then we can cuddle like this!
I dunno, is not big taking up too much space cat!
Fine, I sit in your bed then! How you like it?
Hrumph, you big baby.

Mommy's Chair is big enough for everybody!

A Good Day

Today we discovered that Lucy loves to swim...and hump. Poor Dudley the Basset Hound did not stand a chance. He is wondering right now if she will call him later or if that was all she wanted with him?

Got some mortar around my house re-pointed and replaced my cruddy old toilet seat with a pretty new one with chrome hinges! This inspired me to clean my bathroom for the first time ever, yes, I admit to being a slob.The gerber in the kitchen is blooming and the daffodils (and tulips) out front are delicious.

Other than all the nasty YouTube comments, today was a very nice day.

Chatting with Eva

The very talented Winooski photographer and videographer Dan Higgins was kind enough to make a little documentary about me. I have to admit, watching it makes me blush...


“Chatting With Eva” will broadcast Wednesday, April 23, at 6:00 pm on Channel 17, Town Meeting Television, on Comcast Cable and Burlington Telecom systems.

This 21-minute video, by Dan Higgins, looks at behind-the-scenes working methods of Eva Sollberger, videographer and editor extraordinare, as she prepares her weekly web feature “Stuck in Vermont”. Eva also talks about the origins of her visually creative Public Access TV show, “The Deadbeat Club”.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Iron Chef is Stuck in VT

Another example for Eva to pig out and fall in love with VT all over again. Look how far you have come VT!! You are serving healthy yummy food in schools, wow! Or to quote Colin who is singing in this vlog, "YOW!"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birfday Margot!!!

I can't even imagine life without a big sister, in particular, THIS big sister. One who babysat me at a ridiculously young age, shuttling me around the New York City buses and finding her way to the Museum of Natural History when she was 9 and I was 4.

We would tromp through the dark halls of the gem room and hide behind the plush velvet seats, each playing our own games but never far from one another.

This same big sister brought me to see Blade Runner when I was a wee lass and introduced me to Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Arc and ET. She gave me roles in her radio show, NNBBS and parts in her short sci fi film. She played Barbies and paperdolls with me for hours and constructed elaborate plots which involved trials, beheadings and espionage.

This big sister introduced me to all my favorite authors, the Brontes, Stendhal, Balzac, Alice Munroe, Diana Wynne Jones. She read aloud to me for hours, often testing to see if I was still awake my repeating the word, "tomato, tomato, tomato." Every birthday and holiday means a slew of new books to read thanks to my sister.

We call her "The Memory" in our family because she remembers all the things that we forget.

For instance, "When did I see Gremlins for the first time Margot?"

"We saw it in Montreal and you had to pretend to be 16 to get in. Then we ate French onion soup, walked around the city and I got a cocktail!"

"Ahh, yes, I remember now."

My brain is not so good with dates and such, that is why I was born related to The Memory.

Today is my sister's birthday and it is a BIG one. She is not a big fan of birthdays so this will be brief. She is also not a big fan of smultz which puts me, her most smultzy sister, at a supreme disadvantage.

All these years of sobbing during romantic tear jerkers have prompted snorts and eye rolling from my sassy sister. Not that she does not like movies and TV: Buffy, Angel, Asian horror flix, KitH, she is addicted to pop culture in a variety of forms. This makes her an excellent movie reviewer and a good conversationalist (unless you are one of those snooty losers who disparages TV in which case, fuck off).

Margot loves her chubby kittens and my former cat Max the Slayer. Three cats is a lot to handle but she manages their variety of complaints, demands and personality quirks with aplomb.
Some points of interest about Dr Margot:

Graduated from Harvard with honors.
Attended school in Paris on a Fullbright scholarship.
Speaks French and German and reads Latin.
Got a PhD at Berkeley so you could call her Dr.
Yes, she is ridiculously smart you idiot.
Enjoys fashion and bright colors.
Loves pop culture and the boob tube.
Also starred in The Deadbeat Club.
Is funnier than you think.
Has a way with words.
Writes killer movie reviews for Seven Days.
Has two novels ready to go.
Will not give up, EVER.

I love you Margot! Thanks for letting me trail around after you all these years! xoxo Lil Evie