Sunday, April 13, 2008

Smittens at the Skinny

Two of my favorite things combined, The Skinny Pancake AND The Smittens - OH BOY! I had a Smitten-filled, Nutella-melted, whipcream-topped crepe of a weekend.

First I got to see them at the Skinny Pancake Friday and then they were at the Jr Iron Chef Competition Saturday. Smitten Overload!

I can't wait until their new album is out. Their songs make me so glad and I can't stop from smiling, singing along and dancing...

PS Mike took that picture of me and it was the one time the entire night I was not smiling. I think it is the investigative journalist in him, has to catch the real, not the fluff.

PPS That top picture is Let's Whisper which is 40% of The Smittens.


Goma said...

weeee Eva thanks for posting the show photoz!! I love it!! Oh How was Iron Chef thingy go?? I hope you ate yummy foood there lol! Smitten rocked!! it was fun!! yeyeyeyey!

Pillows for the People said...

That picture of you looks like it was taken in 1974 - it also looks like your name is Rivka. Super Sexy!

Q_Monroe said...

yes, i agree. you are beautiful even when you don't smile. in fact you look mysterious and sexy!

wish i had been at the skinny pancake instead of eating salty pad thai from tantra. ew.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh PftP, how did you know!? My secret special name IS RIVKA!! Rawr!

And thanks for coming Sachie! It was so fun dancing with you!

Wish you had been there Suzanne! We ate fondue but it tasted a bit like foot!