Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet the Cat Behind the Artist

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

And the quiet cat
sitting by the post
Perceives the moon

Klimt hugged cats and wore smocks. Word.
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life:
music and cats.

I love Goma more and more every day. Cat lovers are good company.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stuck in VT is Stuck in VT

Wow. That is so meta.

Like, it is time to look back at one year and 59 episodes of Stuck in VT.

Holy crap, that was a lot of all-nighters. No wonder I look like shit.

In other news, me thinks hell hath frozen over.
First I got asked by Brian (a very nice person who also stays up all night) to do a year end review at the very cool music blog False 45th - who, me?
Then The Jazz Guys actually mentioned my review in their News section?
Next, monkeys will fly out of my butt.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ba Hum Bug

What is so great about Christmas,
Marcel would like to know?

Seems like a lot of trouble for no good reason.

And WHO has the time to send out cards that arrive on time? Marcel is sure that HE does not!
His webbed fingers have better things to do, such as twiddling and rudely gesticulating.

The snow is nice but the slobbering beast is not.
It seems as though the creature gets pinker and wigglier every day!

Marcel will be spending the remainder of the holidays atop the Christmas tree where he can remain unmolested and Xmas-free.

BA HUM BUG, indeed!

7 Days Holiday Party

"Aren't my neck veins impressive?"

Holiday parties tend to suck balls so it is SO refreshing to work at a place that puts on AWESOME holiday parties.

I know it is SICK to say so but I love my job and I really respect and admire the people I work with. So there, I am a pansy, I admit it. You can see the entire picture album over on Facebook baby.

Lucy and Crawford

Lucy LOVES the snow. She is ambivalent about her fancy HOT PINK handmade sweater from Soho. It gives me such pleasure to watch her bouncing through the snowdrifts.


Crawford may not enjoy the snow so much (I know, I tried it) but he sure does love his birdie. At the end of the video Lucy's yawn translates to, "My turn!"

Slumber Party in the Mad River Valley

To kick off the holiday season correctly, the ladies who lunch trekked far far away from their familiar urban surroundings to the wilds of the Mad River Valley. Dogs, gifts and yule log in tow, the girls almost lost their way on multiple occasions.

Tracy's magical house is down a treacherous dirt road and marked by a red hat. Not to worry, you will never find it, so cozy and tucked away is it.

The pots hang from a sled, the Christmas tree is bigger than a skyscraper, the wood stove is a champ and the conversation was mighty fine. The midnight dance party in the yard was stellar and not one section of the house was left unvisited - even the goldfish tank.

Why is it that once you grow up, you are not supposed to attend slumber parties anymore? They are the most fun no matter what age you are. Especially if there are dogs, cheeses, yule logs, knitting, gossip and dance parties.

We weren't as rushed as usual but even girls who slumber have places to be and things to do. Suzanne had to rush off to ski in the morning and Squid and Lucy had much wrestling and snowball chasing to squeeze in.

It was sad to leave Tracy's snug home but we will be back for more parties and less slumbering when the holidays are done!
Lucy was so excited to hang out with the girls that she NEVER once stopped to slow down until the next day when she was home and slept all day long.

Lucy Plows over Squid

Lucy needs to work on her manners (understatement of the year). She was invited to Squid's house to play and what does she do? Sheesh.

ACDC Offends Me

I have been a knitting demon for the past week or so. Frantically trying to make gauntlets for every girl I know. My yarn bag is overflowing and my fingers are going numb. Is a purple/kelly green combo a bad idea?
Took a brief comic drawing on napkin break at the Red Square Friday. Mike does not draw faces, just features. I find this funny because I always draw the face FIRST and then the features.

The best part was the punchline.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Molly is Stuck in Manhattan

Well, it is almost one full year of Stuck in Vermont and almost 60 damn episodes. Hello 2008! Time to get the HELL OUT of town and see how one Vermonter spends December, selling xmas trees at 110th and Broadway.

Oh NYC, how I love thee.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Parisa in NYC

Parisa sells darling lavender-filled pillows and necklaces on the street in the Village. She was once an internet friend and is now a REAL friend!

It is so funny how you can think you know someone intimately after a year of internet chats but until you meet them in person, you do not know them at all! Well, not all their various multi-faceted human dimensions that is. Turns out that Parisa and I are both boho, mystery-loving, hard-assed Valley Girls who talk a mile a minute.
Parisa runs a most fabulous business called Pillows for the People and makes all sorts of yummy smelling goodies in the comfort of her cozy apartment while watching mysteries, House of Eliot (she is the only other fan of this show that I have ever met!) and Northern Exposure. Her workroom/cat nap room is magical and emanates good feelings.

We spent a freezing rainy Thursday soaking up Klimt and consuming treats all over town with frequent trips back to her apartment to ask Daniel questions. Daniel is in this very cool sounding band, La Strada who were playing Saturday night. I had to fly home to avoid getting snowed in or I SO would have been there to dance around.

Parisa sells her goods on the internet and on a street corner. You can go and meet her and buy some of her tasty-smelling pillows at Prince and Greene. Or you can just stop by and say hello to Parisa/Oprah and meet her Dr Phil partner in crime, Zach who sells lovely jewelry.

I hung out and bugged them on my last night in town after an indulgent day of consumption. My one small bag of stuff had grown into a HUGE gluttonous bag of stuff and I added some pillows and a ring to my purchases. I had to bring a slice of NY home with me and Manhattan is not cheap.

But Parisa was VERY bad and did not let me pay for things which means I am going to have to mail her a very big Xmas present, SO THERE!

Parisa and Zach work their asses off on that street corner. It is so damn cold when you are standing around without moving and some of the passersby seem inhuman. Stop by, bring them some warm liquids and buy some of their magical wares. Serious.

But if you are a loser wearing fur, do not ask Parisa for directions because she will send you packing. Just try it, I dare you. Lolita will scratch your eyes out.