Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sound of Music is Stuck in VT

After I interviewed Johannes von Trapp, people kept coming up to me and asking me in hushed tones, "Are those the von Trapps? Which ones?" They really are like royalty. People WANT to talk to, get close to a von Trapp. I cannot imagine what it would be like living your entire life like a larger than life character from a book/show/film/puppet show. Odd.
Above is Maria F von Trapp who is the daughter of the Captain's previous marriage, the woman who died and left him with a gaggle of ill-behaved kids. Louisa is based on this Maria in the film version.

Maria was a missionary and absolutely adorable to talk to. She is such a classic looking German and reminded me of my Great Aunt Tanti Rosi. We talked for a long time about how she traveled for 30 yrs with the von Trapp Family Singers but she did not want to be on camera. She said I could take notes. Phooey.
When I met Johannes von Trapp I got a little nervous. He is sorta a VT rock star. I kept telling him over and over again how my first job ever (outside of babysitting mind you) was cleaning condos at the Trapp Family Lodge for $5/hr on Saturdays.

My friend Molly Hatfield got me the gig and the worst part was cleaning the bathrooms but they never got too dirty as people only stayed for a week or so. I thought I was RICH! Johannes was nice but very austere and Austrian. I also told him that we folded down the toilet paper into little points, yep, she's crazy!

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