Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lil Pick Me Ups

There are four messages in my voicemail that I never delete. Every month or so the robot-lady asks me if I want to keep them or chuck them and I press 9 to save 'em.

Why do I save them? Simple, they are my little pick me ups!

If I am feeling grumpy, piddly or self-disgusted, these four messages always inspire a smile and a bit of blue skies:

1. Ben Smith from YouTube calling to tell me that they wanted to feature Stuck in VT regularly and be our "partner." I got that message when I was in SF (YouTube is south of SF) and I stopped dead in my tracks. Really, I did. Just stood there thinking, "WTF?!"

2. Tom Messner from WCAX to tell me that he would reshoot his interview if I wanted (I accidentally taped over some interview footage of him and was ready to commit Hari Kari). His opener is so cheery that it always makes me smile, "HELLO!? EEEEEEEVA?!?!" That guy is as nice in person as he is on the TV.

3. Sara Cover of Urban Dance Complex in Williston - the first thing you hear is a phone picking up. I did a vlog about their production of hip hop Annie and Sara left me a message that still gives me chills. She is a very matter a fact, tough nut sort of a person so when she said the video made her cry, well, that made my day. Still does.

4. This one is my favorite and I plan to never, ever delete it, neverever. It is Jenny from Universal Music in LA. She sounds harried, busy and annoyed. She is calling to tell me that I have the rights to use a Sonic Youth song in my 5th Stuck in VT vlog.

I spent an entire day on the phone with various people in LA begging and pleading and cajoling to get this permission. Ultimately, it is thanks to Sonic Youth for green lighting it but the fact that this happened in ONE day, well, that is just about one of the best messages of my life.

If I ever feel downtrodden or mouse-like, this message reminds me of that fearless day of pushy phone calls which started with a general call to the 800 line of Universal Music and ended with music rights to a Sonic Youth song. A W E S O M E.


Zack said...

That IS awesome. u have powers of awesomeness.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

You are King of Awesome Zach. So you should know! ;)