Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hibernation and Insulation

A couple of weeks ago, Brian from VT Gas was kind enough to come and do an infrared scan of my house with a very fancy piece of equipment. He was checking my walls to see if they required more insulation.

The test works best when it was very cold outside. The day he tested my little house, it was balmy so we cranked up the heat to make it read.

The good news is that my house is well insulated. We are snug as bugs in here. Soaking up the hot water heat from my old as hell radiators.

The bad news is, I never want to leave home! With a pillow-soft cat and a cuddle-bug dog and radiators that leave you toasty, there seems no reason to ever leave the house. I have enough books to read, DVDs to watch and things to knit to keep me well occupied until spring. Perhaps bears have the right idea...?

1 comment:

Salty Miss Jill said...

Here's to a warm house to call your own! I wouldn't want to leave either.