Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Slumber Party in the Mad River Valley

To kick off the holiday season correctly, the ladies who lunch trekked far far away from their familiar urban surroundings to the wilds of the Mad River Valley. Dogs, gifts and yule log in tow, the girls almost lost their way on multiple occasions.

Tracy's magical house is down a treacherous dirt road and marked by a red hat. Not to worry, you will never find it, so cozy and tucked away is it.

The pots hang from a sled, the Christmas tree is bigger than a skyscraper, the wood stove is a champ and the conversation was mighty fine. The midnight dance party in the yard was stellar and not one section of the house was left unvisited - even the goldfish tank.

Why is it that once you grow up, you are not supposed to attend slumber parties anymore? They are the most fun no matter what age you are. Especially if there are dogs, cheeses, yule logs, knitting, gossip and dance parties.

We weren't as rushed as usual but even girls who slumber have places to be and things to do. Suzanne had to rush off to ski in the morning and Squid and Lucy had much wrestling and snowball chasing to squeeze in.

It was sad to leave Tracy's snug home but we will be back for more parties and less slumbering when the holidays are done!
Lucy was so excited to hang out with the girls that she NEVER once stopped to slow down until the next day when she was home and slept all day long.

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