Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lakeview Terrace and Mardi Gras are Stuck in VT

Lakeview Terrace at Mardi Gras [68]Instead of sleeping last night, I stayed up finishing these two videos (note my closed eyes in the above pic).

Watching the snow fall and listening to the plows made me feel cozy and safe. I am not the only one burning that midnight oil, eh plowman?!
Most of these pics are 7 Days staff partying at Mardi Gras (except for those fabulous Things above me who are representing Lakeview Terrace who WON the float competition AGAIN this year).

Seven Days is an awesome bunch of people and I can't get over how lucky I am to work with weirdos I genuinely like. Plus, they party real hard. YEEHAQ@!

Colby is the KING of Mardi Gras.
Dan is a hot bearded gal. His gal was sporting a mustachio.
Ken dares to rub the beasts shutterbug belly.
Here kitty kitty! OUCH!
Kitty sister attacks mime! Good riddance!

Alan is the magic behind the Gras.
His designer muscles are undeniable!
What a pretty Bridget! Where is your pony?


Nick Garza is Missing

How does a healthy and happy 19 year old boy disappear without a trace? It is frustrating beyond belief. And fresh layers of snow continue to fall across VT, covering up any possible clues.

I have been following the story of missing Middlebury College freshman Nick Garza very closely. I wanted to go to the campus to retrace Nick's steps and to talk to the students about what they were feeling.

Not many students were willing to talk to me on camera (I began to feel like a media leper after so many NOs). Sarah of Midd Blog graciously gave me a campus tour and spoke about the feelings on campus.

This is not my normal sort of video. But it is something I care a lot about. I continue to hope that Nick Garza is out there somewhere alive and that he will be coming home soon.

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

Monday, February 25, 2008


We are two wild and crazy girls!!
We are 5 wild and crazy girls!

Mel B blew me a kiss, SHE DID! Just ask Kat, she saw it! And I have PROOF!

First she sees me and then...SHE BLOWS ME A SCARY SMOOCH!

Mel C winked at me, erhm, I think. I got no proof.
Emma was totally checking Kat out, for reals.
Is Posh a fembot?

Not much love from Vicky or Geri but I think they sorta space out a bit when performing. Or maybe all that dieting has made them light headed?
Geri seemed a little insecure about her dancing - I think she needs to eat something.

How do I know ALL this?? Because last night I was not at home watching the Oscars as is my normal MO. Instead, Kat and I journeyed far off to another country to see the 3rd to the last EVER Spice Girls Show!

And we had 7th row seats which also happened to be right next to the catwalk! We were spitting distance from the lovely ladies Spice and we had room to DANCE! Kat saw the peach fuzz on Ginger's legs! I marveled at their toned tummies!

It is official. I can die happy now (although an Oscar before death is always nice...). At almost 35 years of age I have finally come face to face with my dream team, my British ladies du jour, my colorful jars o'spices.


I was supposed to see the girls in Newark but that didn't work out for a number of reasons. So I was prepared to accept that I would NEVER see all 5 of my beauties on stage together in this lifetime.


Then I pulled myself together, scored some awesome tickets on Craig's List, found a partner in crime and high tailed it to Montreal's Bell Centre Sunday night for SPICE!

The show was bigger and better than anything I could have imagined. A visual delight for the eyes with huge TV screens, massive moving set pieces, costume changes a plenty and about 20 Spice Boy back up dancers. The choreography was delicious and just about every dance style was on display. The songs were remixed and fresh and the girls were delectable.

It was worth every penny even if the beers did cost $10 and the t-shirts were $50?! Choke, gag!
Holler was Kat's favorite song which Geri sat out since she had quit the band when they released this unsuccessful album. The four girls walked their Spice Boys on diamond studded leashes. BEHAVE!

When the lights went down I thought I might pass out from excitement. And when the girls sashayed past us - 6 feet away from my quivering toes - I screamed like a little wild girl discovering candy. Oh, THE JOY.

I made a video/pic montage - of course - but tried not to focus too much on my camera. It was creepy. Everyone in the place was holding up camera phones, Blackberries and the like. No one seemed to be watching the actual performance. A sea of little viewfinders. Kat wisely reminded me, "Don't forget to watch the show!" Thanks Kat!
During the video footage you can hear Kat exclaiming, "Oh Baby!!" when she is surrounded by feathers.

The footage I did take was awful cause I couldn't hold still and instead, bounced around and danced like an insane person. And there was some screaming too, ok, more like screeching.

I started liking the girls when I worked at Tippett Studio. I was miserable and working long hours on The Haunting when I became suddenly addicted to all things Spice. And because I worked with a lot of nice people with cash to spend, I ended up with every available Spice Girl doll, figurine, notebook, tattoo, pencil, microphone, etc. Thanks Tippetters!

It is hard to explain why I like The Spice Girls so much. It has something to do with their unique joie de vivre (as evidenced here in their recent backstage shenanigans). They truly seem to enjoy each other's company and live each moment on earth to its fullest (check out their first ever goofy TV interview). Plus, they dress up in girly clothes and dance around whilst singing, sign me up.

That was probably the one time I will EVER see all 5 of The Spice Girls TOGETHER on stage performing. Like I told the American border patrol guard when crossing back into America:

US Border Control: Why were you in Canada?

Me: TO SEE THE SPICE GIRLS at the Bell Centre!!!

US Border Control: What? Are they still around?

Me with Crazy Eyes: YES! This is the first time they played together in 10 years and the last time they were in the States Geri had already quit the band and they will probably NEVER play together again AND this was their THIRD to last show!!!

Kat pipes in from the passenger seat: And we were in the SEVENTH ROW!!!!

Border Patrol man rolls his eyes bemusedly and waves us through. THE POWER OF SPICE!
WARNING: Video may cause motion sickness and eardrum damage. ENJOY!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Warm Heart

When I first moved into my house it felt a bit lonely. Now that Crawford and Lucy have moved in, I can't get a moment to myself if I try.

Everywhere I go, there they are.

The cutest cuddlebug furballs you ever did see. And what makes it even better? When they curl up next to each other and stare at me in unison with ears pert, eyes expectant, ready to go.

Then my heart just m e l t s...

Moon, Green, Blue

Wednesday night there was a lovely eclipse that sort of resembled a cloud passing over the moon. We stayed outside to watch and it helped that I was slightly buzzed after a tasty dinner with my family at Big Chile Republic.

I love my family. They are good to talk to and I am lucky to know them.
I got some magical Japanese bath salts at a super market in SF's Japan Town. They turn the bath bright green and orange which is mildly disturbing but highly entertaining too.

Friday I drove to Middlebury for the first time. It snowed big fat flakes all day which made filming difficult. The landscape was empty, barren and bluish. I love Vermont.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

King St Talent Extravaganza in Stuck in VT

Awww, buddies.

I want to take this robot kid Dylan (above) home with me. He is so earnest and smart. I think he would make a great spokesman.

I have a new favorite band and they are called Space Monkey. Please write some more songs Aiden so I can get that damn Monkey song OUT of my head! :P
Brandon was my fabulous co-announcer and I hated cutting a ton of great bits with him. He needs his own TV show this one.

The hardest choice was the vlog ending which is usually something off the cuff. I had a great montage of him free form imagination styling about this pet ham creature he had with a million legs, 7 ears, 8 eyes and a loud mouth. The best part is his deadpan finale, "Then I ate it."

Man, that is one cool kid. And one cool ham too. Don't pie me though buddy.

Go be a mentor.