Wednesday, February 20, 2008

King St Talent Extravaganza in Stuck in VT

Awww, buddies.

I want to take this robot kid Dylan (above) home with me. He is so earnest and smart. I think he would make a great spokesman.

I have a new favorite band and they are called Space Monkey. Please write some more songs Aiden so I can get that damn Monkey song OUT of my head! :P
Brandon was my fabulous co-announcer and I hated cutting a ton of great bits with him. He needs his own TV show this one.

The hardest choice was the vlog ending which is usually something off the cuff. I had a great montage of him free form imagination styling about this pet ham creature he had with a million legs, 7 ears, 8 eyes and a loud mouth. The best part is his deadpan finale, "Then I ate it."

Man, that is one cool kid. And one cool ham too. Don't pie me though buddy.

Go be a mentor.


Undead Molly said...

"King Street is about families and community building and..."

"Become a mentor: become a chick magnet!"

MWAH HA ha haaa! But seriously, I wish your Stucks could be longer. It's too bad you have to cut so much good stuff. If you had abundant free time you could edit a 15 minute version of each for VCAM or something.

cresmer said...

I wouldn't mind watching a longer video, but not in front of my computer. 5 minutes is a stretch for me when I'm watching from my laptop.

But if this were on tv, or on my imaginary mobile device, I might watch more.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

you is so cute Eva!