Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coastal Aftershocks

I've been back in VT for almost 4 days now and I am still a bit discombobulated.

The day I left SF it was stormy and as I drove my PT Cruiser (yes, laugh if you must, old ladies deserve bright blue old ladee rental cars) back to the airport, a large chunk of me wanted to turn around and drive back, up the 101 North to my little rainy city by the bay.

I barely made it home through the snowstorm that was pummeling the East Coast all day Wednesday. The plane tossed us around like jumping beans and I closed my eyes so Heidi Klum was not the last image I saw before certain death.

When we landed in VT it was dark, snowy and freezing. I could barely get a ride home from the airport and everything was dead and impassable. My car was buried beneath 4 feet of snow and I could barely get my suitcase in the front door. Could I really have been outside wearing a t-shirt and sniffing bright purple flowers 8 hours earlier??

Since I couldn't stick around, I left a silent, morose piece of me back in SF, and hopefully he is having a grand old time in my absence. I am sure the town will be dry of liquor in no time.

I'll be thinking of you SF and Marcel and imagining all your calamities! Until we meet again or until I discover a way to be bi-coastal! Au revoir!

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