Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moon, Green, Blue

Wednesday night there was a lovely eclipse that sort of resembled a cloud passing over the moon. We stayed outside to watch and it helped that I was slightly buzzed after a tasty dinner with my family at Big Chile Republic.

I love my family. They are good to talk to and I am lucky to know them.
I got some magical Japanese bath salts at a super market in SF's Japan Town. They turn the bath bright green and orange which is mildly disturbing but highly entertaining too.

Friday I drove to Middlebury for the first time. It snowed big fat flakes all day which made filming difficult. The landscape was empty, barren and bluish. I love Vermont.


Scott said...

Damn, I missed Wednesday's episode of the moon. Thursday's was amazing. It looked enormous as it was rising on the horizon. It looked like it was sitting on top of the hill of my street. I wanted to see if I could get closer to it, so I drove west -- I ended up all the way in Williston. OK, I was going there anyway, but that moon was big I tell ya, BIG.

Q_Monroe said...

pretty bath. did it turn you green?