Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kat Clear is Stuck in VT

I gotta admit, flying into a fierce snowstorm after a week of surf and sun in California made this whole "Stuck/Suck in VT" life of mine all the more apropos. Still, I love meeting people like Kat Clear who got stuck in VT with me before I left for Cali and is a lovely artist and friend.


Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

You must have been in southern California. Until this week, it's been pretty dreary and wet in the Bay Area. Hope you had fun, and we look forward to photos and a report. Were you shopping around your show at the big studios? Working as a scab by crossing the picket line to write for Jay Leno?

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

I HEART Kat!! She is supa awesome and creative!! I LOVED your SIV video I shared it with people at work!! They all liked it!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Mr Thief! How did you know? Hee hee. I was out in SF for an alt weekly conference - learned a lot, did a presentation. But the sun came as soon as my conference ended and I got a couple of days of sunshine! HEAVEN! Video to follow!

THANKS Sachie! You is supa awesome! ;) maybe Kat could do a Goma sculpture someday?!?!