Monday, February 11, 2008

Marcel in California

Marcel is SO over the cold. So he hopped a plane to California to have some wild Cali adventures.

He toured the offices of SF Chronicle, wandered about the Mission, Japan Town and downtown, ambled through Mountain View Cemetery, drove up Highway 1 on a rainy day, ate sushi with Crocker and a burrito at Chrissy Fields, shopped at Ikea and Thrift Town, drank at the Fairmont, the Tonga Room, the Albatross and the Mallard and crossed the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges on multiple occasions.

Marcel does not like people much but he did not mind these folks/animals/small children: Jackson, Sarah, Jeff, Travis, Rufus, Jen, Henry, Matt, Sue, Renee, Molly, Ivo, Lauren, Anabelle and Sophie. In fact, he likes San Francisco so much that he decided to stay on a bit, even after I left.

See it all in the video of Marcel's California travels:

Enjoy SF Marcel, you lucky bastard.

PS I didn't bring my video camera to CA so I could take a "real" vacation. Turns out that 700 frog photos later, I cannot stop my obsessive compulsive streak from discovering an outlet. Oh well, at least it is not heroin.


Q_Monroe said...

well, i for one, am glad you are back!

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

OMG I love Marcel!! He is awesome!! He is everywhere and he is great with any shot What I model he is!!! He is a super star!! Eva you are so creative! I enjoy it a lot!!!

Pillows for the People said...

Is it just me or did Marcel directly from drinking coffee at Peets to a Bar? - obviously my kind of guy!

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

What? Marcel was in the Mission and he didn't come see me! Well, just for that I won't buy him any empanadas. Oh, I still may all the same. You two came a week too early. It's been obscenely gorgeous the past week. I need a traveling companion like Marcel since my cat Bunter hates to fly and drive.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh, thanks Suzanne! I am looking forward to lunch this week, oh yes! I got presents for you two!

Thanks Sachie! Goma and Marcel are quite the little supermodels. They should have a Pose Striking Contest! I got prezzies for you too!

Parisa! YES! Marcel LOVES combining caffeine and alcohol. In fact, he is probably guzzling a bit of both right now as he lives next to a Peets in SF. A caffeinated liquor buzz - yum.

Mr Junk Thief! OH MARCEL IS QUITE EMBARRASSED BUT PROMISES TO POP IN On you and Bunter very soon, when you least expect it. He does not much enjoy the sun and is hoping the rain will return. I know, frogs, they can be so negative! Btw, Marcel adores carnitas, FYI...