Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I hate to clean and here is why. When I start to clean, I get really obsessive and start noticing dirt and grime EVERYWHERE! Then I have to carefully scrub every nook and cranny and I barely accomplish anything.

The act of cleaning I do not mind so much, it is the facing of reality that I have a problem with.

My reality involves hardwood floors and two pets who shed all over the place. Everywhere I turn, there is hair, and more hair.

It is nice having clean floors but now I am obsessively worried about dirtying them again. Perhaps the real problem here is my obsessive compulsive disorder, and the fact that I could eat this weird combo for lunch.


Q_Monroe said...

i cleaned this weekend too! the whole house top to bottom, because i too am anal. i also ate tuna fish relish sandwich while doing so. perhaps we crave salty fish when cleaning? i don't know why. i love crawford and lucy. they are so funny. can't wait to see them this friday.

Mike Marion said...

I too hate to clean, but my two cats... brother & sister team, Flash and Raven, being relatively long haired creatures, require that I constantly vacuum. Otherwise my house takes on the appearance of an old West town with surreal cat-hair tumbleweeds or tumblehairs