Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birfday Margot!!!

I can't even imagine life without a big sister, in particular, THIS big sister. One who babysat me at a ridiculously young age, shuttling me around the New York City buses and finding her way to the Museum of Natural History when she was 9 and I was 4.

We would tromp through the dark halls of the gem room and hide behind the plush velvet seats, each playing our own games but never far from one another.

This same big sister brought me to see Blade Runner when I was a wee lass and introduced me to Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Arc and ET. She gave me roles in her radio show, NNBBS and parts in her short sci fi film. She played Barbies and paperdolls with me for hours and constructed elaborate plots which involved trials, beheadings and espionage.

This big sister introduced me to all my favorite authors, the Brontes, Stendhal, Balzac, Alice Munroe, Diana Wynne Jones. She read aloud to me for hours, often testing to see if I was still awake my repeating the word, "tomato, tomato, tomato." Every birthday and holiday means a slew of new books to read thanks to my sister.

We call her "The Memory" in our family because she remembers all the things that we forget.

For instance, "When did I see Gremlins for the first time Margot?"

"We saw it in Montreal and you had to pretend to be 16 to get in. Then we ate French onion soup, walked around the city and I got a cocktail!"

"Ahh, yes, I remember now."

My brain is not so good with dates and such, that is why I was born related to The Memory.

Today is my sister's birthday and it is a BIG one. She is not a big fan of birthdays so this will be brief. She is also not a big fan of smultz which puts me, her most smultzy sister, at a supreme disadvantage.

All these years of sobbing during romantic tear jerkers have prompted snorts and eye rolling from my sassy sister. Not that she does not like movies and TV: Buffy, Angel, Asian horror flix, KitH, she is addicted to pop culture in a variety of forms. This makes her an excellent movie reviewer and a good conversationalist (unless you are one of those snooty losers who disparages TV in which case, fuck off).

Margot loves her chubby kittens and my former cat Max the Slayer. Three cats is a lot to handle but she manages their variety of complaints, demands and personality quirks with aplomb.
Some points of interest about Dr Margot:

Graduated from Harvard with honors.
Attended school in Paris on a Fullbright scholarship.
Speaks French and German and reads Latin.
Got a PhD at Berkeley so you could call her Dr.
Yes, she is ridiculously smart you idiot.
Enjoys fashion and bright colors.
Loves pop culture and the boob tube.
Also starred in The Deadbeat Club.
Is funnier than you think.
Has a way with words.
Writes killer movie reviews for Seven Days.
Has two novels ready to go.
Will not give up, EVER.

I love you Margot! Thanks for letting me trail around after you all these years! xoxo Lil Evie


jb said...

happy birthday margot! i pass her in the market from time to time and try to smile, but i dont think she remembers who i am.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oh yes she does! Sometimes you just gotta jump up and down and say "HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!" That is what I do and then she hits me.

Q_Monroe said...

and she is also beautiful, sexy, and mysterious too! and looks as if she is about 25! happy birthday margot!

Fuchsia Groan said...

Awww, you guys are so nice. I am bad about recognizing people in City Market, always! I keep my head down because I hate crowds and it's SO crowded there! But I'm trying to get better.

Eva, thank you, thank you, thank you for the tribute; as a narcissist you know how I will cherish it in my cold lil heart. Seems like you have a pretty good memory for things yourself!

Yes, it was I who was responsible for an 8-year-old seeing Blade Runner. Where was Child Protective Services, you ask? But I don't think she was too scarred by Rutger Hauer breaking Harrison's fingers with his bare hands. (???)

I love the cover and video, but... wasn't Sweet Jane a junkie? Never mind, the singer is named after me (ha).

Casey said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, but I wanna say happy birthday to Margot, too! So happy birthday, dammit!!!

Goma said...

What a nice post Eva!! and Happy-b-day Margot!!!!I can really telll your sisterz are best-friends!! I am soooo glad to know her!! She is just so wonderful!! She looks sopretty in every picture!! I know how nice to have a older sister...it is really different than having older brother...we are truly BFFS!! our friendship is nothing like any other relationship for sure!! please tell her happy b-day for me when u see her Eva!