Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good Eats

While I may not be crafty enough (translation: i am a lazy bastard) to do the local food challenge this month (check out Meghan's blog, she is doing it in style!), I have been eating some yummy food recently.

This weekend out at the lake, we enjoyed a delicious hodge podge meal of goodies from farmer's markets on the islands and Fran's garden. It was especially fun having this plethora of choices at mom's campsite with a view of the lake. Quite the unexpected lap of luxury!

The colorful meal consisted of hard boiled eggs (these farmer's market eggs are harder to peel!), pickled beets with a hint of cinnamon, pickled and spicy green beans, white string beans, yellow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, assorted cheeses, mom's famous potato salad (no mayo, just lots of fresh herbs) and locally baked bread.

Not only were our plates colorful and nice to gaze at but their contents were mmm, mmmm, good! Oh, and fresh zucchini bread for desert! Needless to say, I gorged myself.

The next morning we had a tasty, not so local brunch at Sneakers with a mango coconut waffle and salmon/asparagus eggs benedict. Hello! What a power packed, taste bud enhancing, afternoon delight.

I am a big fan of eating, always have been and always will be. And even as I age and my waistline expands, I cannot bring myself to diet. Food is too good of a treat.

What is the point of even being alive if you can't enjoy the fruits of the earth? So enjoy your local food people and savor every damn succulent bite!


Tmoore said...

mmmmmmm that was Yuh-uh-mee!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

makes me hungry jus'thinking 'bout it...