Saturday, August 26, 2006

Supernan the Turd

Who loves the Supernanny? Of course, everyone loves Supernanny! Naughty children, good children and grown up ones as well! But do we love her enough to stalk her?

Below is a fucking brilliant video by a 17 year old British girl named Elli taking the piss out of "Supernan" with an Eminem/Dido "Stan" video remake. Margot and I have long been fans of our beloved Jo Frost (the Supernanny) and we also did a video about her which helps transform her show into a drinking game (take a shot whenever she says something is not "assaptable"). See video here.

There is something addictive about Supernan and her scolding as she confidently directs you to sit in the naughty corner when you have been bad (everyone should have a Naughty Corner in their homes, right?). She is so sure of herself, so authoritative and true. It is hard not to love the Supernan and that is why Ellie's video is so funny.

What begins as a harmless obsession with the Supernan, quickly turns ugly as her letters to her idol go unanswered. She becomes belligerant and vindictive as she continues writing angry letters saying, "The US has made you a turd." Yes, we tend to have that effect on people from other countries, it is a gift, I know.

Also, Elli does some crafty re-editing of a Supernanny appearance on an American talk show which proves that Elli is an editing whiz after my own heart! Enjoy:

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