Friday, August 11, 2006

Hollywood Bimbo VS Fat Lipped Saint

Join me now for some pop culture fun and games which further proves the points made in this amazing article, 7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making us Miserable. Here is a raging bitchfest on one of my Jen VS Angie videos (see video here). I, for one, am just happy they are not bitching about me for once!

Yeehaw, instead, it is a respectful and thoughtful discussion on the merits of Angelina Jolie VS Jen Aniston. It reads sort of like War and Peace crossed with Pride and Prejudice. Yeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of You Tube's butt! Children, please cover your ears! Here is an excerpt:

Kelgan (3 months ago)
oh btw, I love Friends, and Jen Aniston, but I still have to say I'm Team Jolie, but sorry Jen. You should have known beautiful man in the world(well that's what they say he is)+ beautiful woman in the world = not you.

aelestinecu (16 hours ago)
fuck you bitch. angelina's as beautiful as a piece of shit. fuck you big time.

hawaiibaby (5 hours ago)
angelina has a wierd face. let's c your ugly face you ugly son of a bitch. go kill yourself. you should be shot ten thousand times and die in hell bitch.

DancingSpiderman (2 months ago)
this is a sad waste of video equipment

helloimjohndoe (1 month ago)
Because I'm a huge Angelina Jolie fan. Nothing really against Jen,
but she just seems l
ike another random Hollywood actress. Sure, her paycheck is bigger than most others, but she's....boring.

hawaiibaby (3 weeks ago)

aelestinecu (16 hours ago)
jen has thin lips? jolie just has obese ones. and it's j
olie with the weird face shape. what's wrong with you. fuck you/.

hawaiibaby (5 hours ago)
fuck you cunt face. ur fuckin jealous cuz you wish you look like angelina jolie aelestinecuntface . why are you watiching her video if you hate angelina get a fucking life and go suck a dick bitch

aelestinecu (16 hours ago)
that was stupid. they played jen like this pitiful g
irl. uh...duh unfalse! but jolie was played to perfection. with that ugly mouth and a bitchlike personality..

washanininyall (5 hours ago)
alelestinecu why are u on this angelina thing if you dont like her. i'm sure she's better lookin than you will always be so stop being a hater cuz angelina is way beetttter looking than jeniifer. her face is weird.
and she has no tits. so get a life. and stop watching angelina's stuff if you hate her.

xXxAshleigh11xXx (13 hours ago)
GO TEAM ANISTON! Jen is beautiful, not false! hint hint! (cough, cough, JOLIE, cough, cough)

washanininyall (5 hours ago)
no offense but angelina actually cares for sick kids in africa. unlike hollywood bimbo

In other news, the final episode of "P Diddy Tortures Some Girls" (also known as "Making the Band 3") was on Mtv tonight. I was all ready to go with my bowl of salad and my pesto bread covered with hard boiled egg. Bring it on Diddy, gimme some torture, desimate those naked girls! But NO, instead, Diddy turned into a big, dull ball of mush and fawned over the girls. He gave them each diamonds from Tiffanys and told them how talented they were. What is this? Has the show been renamed "Diddy Kisses Some Girl Ass"? Come on Diddy, don't let a sister down now!

Even the girls were suspicious, one of them wondered aloud when the other shoe would drop. That's right sweet young ball of hair, you like it when Diddy treats you bad and tells you how much you suck. It's ok, I understand your sick head. Now Danity Kane will go out there to conquer the world. In layman's terms, that means that they will be hawking their wares at a mall near you so be on the look out shoppers. I wish those girls well, really I do. You can see their new video, "Showstopper," here.


casey said...

Thanks again for shattering what little respect I had left for humanity. (It's now in the negative numbers).

As Carlin would say, I'm rooting for the comet.

The Le Duo said...

the comet is no match for jolies' lips. gulp...mmmmmm


Eva the Deadbeat said...

come on you guys, these brainiac you tubers are having a spirited intellectual discussion about the merits of both individuals which i think is worthy of PBS special which should perhaps be called Hollywood Bimbo VS Hollywood Bimbo...yep, and when the comet hits, me and my ugly jolie lips will be hiding under a rock with the rest of the bottom dwellers...

ps oh and i forgot to say fuck you bitch! you should be shot a million times! you have thin lips and no tits! so there!

The Le Duo said...

anyone who knows the le duo knows he has fine titties! and full, luscious Steven Tyleresque lips!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

your voluptuous boobies and plump lips will not help you when the comet arrives my friend! no doubt angie and jen wil be spared by this oncoming comet so they can fight it out for all of eternity! bimbo vs bimbo!