Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Cats and Artists

Eva and Crawford Doodle Pip (above)

Back by popular demand! More cats and the artists
(or zombies as the case may be) who love them!

Even better, here are Cats in Art through the ages,
more kitties in art and famous people who love cats!

Sassy lil' devils!

Picasso (upper right) loved his cats,
he even painted some cracked-out felines (below).

Pierre Bonnard loved to paint cats (above)
as well as art dealers like Ambroise Vollard who also liked cats (below).
Hemingway's (below) cats are polydactyl
which means they have extra toes.
People continue to breed them and they live in a home/museum!
Renoir loved to paint cats (below) and little girls.
Raymond Chandler (below) loved mysteries and kitties.
Sachie Tani and Goma (below) are FAMOUS!!

Super HOT Undead Molly (below) lives
with two furry fancy vocal felines (above).
Colette always had cats and dogs and male and female lovers and husbands and wives.
She lived life to the very fullest.


Q_Monroe said...

mitten cats are cool. can't believe i'm saying this, but i almost wanna get a cat now. ella wouldn't stand for it though.

moshix2/aka: sachie said...

weee! This is very educational Eva!! Crawford is soooo cute he is so beautifullll!! Picasso is one of my favorite artist and I didnt even now he had cat!!! I cant wait to go to Vermont Cat Show tomorroooow!! I will bring camera!!