Monday, January 07, 2008

Drums, Dragons & AT-ATs are Stuck in VT

As you can probably tell from these pictures, I was SO HAPPY to see the AT-AT walker (All Terrain Armored Transport from Star Wars) in the parade. I wish I could have interviewed its makers.

Watching that clunky AT-AT lumber down Church St, I was brought back to a Christmas many years ago when I was SO excited/nervous to find out what my sister got me. I was positive it was an AT-AT when I really wanted the Millennium Falcon. The anticipation was killing me (it is so hard to believe that Christmas ever meant so much).

Luckily, my sister did good and bought me the Falcon which I still have today but I do not know where. Still, I will always love the AT-ATs and their stop-mo movements (oddly, I used to work for Phil Tippett who was one of their animators!).

Watching one careen down Church St and cut a path through mobs of people made me imagine that at any moment those terrifying guns might start spraying laser bursts all over the place and the blood and gore would be spectacular.

Despite the cold and the crowds, I was genuinely happy to dance around with colorful, fantastical, drum beating Burlingtonians on First Night.

Also, this vlog was shot on the last day of 2007 which means that technically, I made 60 episodes of Stuck in Vermont in 2007. That is a nice number if you ask me.

Add it to the 40+ other Seven Days videos I made in 2007 and that brings my total to 100 videos in 2007 (roughly two/week). This is 1/10th of the videos The New York Times produced in 2007.

Oh yeah baby. Baby steps.
Happy New Year Vermont!

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