Thursday, January 03, 2008

Regis gets Deep

Thanks to VCAM's blog for pointing out this video gem. The sad thing is, I can almost relate to poor Regis. I feel like a vapid knucklehead most of the time too. And who doesn't feel like a bit of fluff next to Amy Goodman?

My favorite part of the clip is towards the end when they are asking, "Does PBS have a radio station?" Is it possible that they have NEVER heard NPR before?? Classic.


Mike Marion said...


You should never "feel like a vapid knuklehead." You work is always brilliant.

Mike M

Undead Molly said...

You covered Latin Day! Latin's like... all smart 'n shit.

The truth is that both forms are indispensable. We need penetrating coverage of "world events", and we also need glimpses of joy and light. If all available media was The Human Cruelty News Hour, we'd all have blown our brains out long ago. We require people like YOU who remind us of human love, creativity, communion, fellowship, art, beauty, fun, jubilation, and celebration.

I do know what you're saying, though. But I think that people don't ever get a sense of how intelligent and thoughtful you are from your Stuck videos. You have to be happy happy enthused spaz girl all the time when you're on camera.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks guys, pardon my moment of wallowing.

Molly, you know me way too well. Spaz girl needs to maybe calm down a little bit and let quiet girl have some air time. Ffft.