Saturday, January 05, 2008

Return of The Deadbeat Club

The Deadbeat Club is back SUCKER! Lock up your children, shield your eyes, nail down your silver - this is not for the faint of heart!

No not a new episode of DBC (she says while laughing nervously like someone about to have an editing-induced nervous breakdown because her G5 has not gone to sleep for 2 days straight) BUT you can watch some DBC on That's right, getting kicked off YouTube did not kill us, deadbeats are resilient like that.

So far I am posting the DBC Vlogs that I made towards the end of 2006. Ironically, I was just fiddling around with vlogging after a stint with The Deadbeat Club on cable access and lo and behold, in 2007 I got a JOB vlogging!? Miracles DO happen.

I remember being very sad/lost at that time but depression must lead to productivity because I made SEVENTEEN DBC Vlogs before YouTube pulled the plug on my channel due to copyright infringement.

Some of my favorites are the vlogs about being an Office Monkey, the tasty music of Scott Walker and the wholeness of Regina Spektor. Other vague subjects covered are love, apples, a fireplace, fireworks, the holidays, snow, mix tapes, junk shops, Montreal and dating. I wish I had more time to do personal vlogs like this again but I am NOT complaining!

Over time I will start to upload the entire Deadbeat Club catalogue. I think Blip has no size constraints so perhaps I can post entire episodes? The vlogs look a little washed out but oh well, that is The Deadbeat Club for you.

And I promise to someday make a fresh DBC, but first, monkeys must fly out of my butt! No seriously, I will. It is on my list and that is only 3 pages long and I am crossing videos off it one by one...

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Sara S. said...

Dear Eva,

As it has officially been over a year since I found (or, rather, my mother sent me) The Deadbeat Club AND your able to repost episodes and vlogs again, may I just say:


This post cannot BEGIN to express how excited I am!! I mean, every time I watch a John Cusack movie now, all I can think of is your vlog about breaking up--which was the first one I saw, btw.

Oh and we share a Jane Austen love. That makes you cool in my books. =)