Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kool Kat

Kat and her Katster bike lock outside Burlington Telecom

I met local welder, sassy sculptor, extra super cool artisan and gal pal Kat Clear when I shot the Rosie's Girls vlog that went on to drum up quite a spirited debate on YouTube as to whether or not girls should be welding (uhm, what year are we living in??).

Kat has been spicing up Burlington and Winooski and our daily environs with her super sexy steel signs and sculptures. Where ever you are, there she is! She has a new sultry series in the works and you may be seeing her in a vlog in a week or two (spoiler!).
Kat and her Queen City Crown in Church St Mall

Additionally, Kat recently had a fancy press conference/Queen City Crown unveiling in the mall with the Mayor and baby quiche (Kat is wearing her glitzy headgear above) and got a fabulous write up in the Freeps.
Kat and her Radio Bean bike lock which still turns, even in winter!

I am saving up my pennies so one day I can afford to decorate my house with one of her works of art. And when I am in my 60s, I am gonna bug her to teach me how to weld cause I think that is a hobby I will enjoy more than sleeping.

We love you Kat, keep on truckin/weldin/sculptin and thanks for making our town SO KOOL!


moshix2/aka: sachie said...

Kat is sooo kool!! I love her art!! I ride a bike all the time and I have seen her art. I thought it is great I was wondering who did it!! Thanks for writing about her! Are you gonna do SIV video about her??

Undead Molly said...

She is so pretty. My dad loves welding. He makes nice furniture and lantern and stuff all the time. He's tried to teach me but I think my constitution is too nervous for it. You have to be physically bold and confident. I really admire Kat's mad skillz....

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YES! There may be a STuck about Miss Kat...but I will try to keep an air of mystery....

Kat is SO PRETTY! And I had never seen her all gussied up until her art opening and was like, ZOWIE!

And so talented too. I am so glad to see her work all over town. Makes us so unique and spicy and VERMONTY and HIP!

Your pop is soooo cool Molly. is there anything he does NOT do???