Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Smittens and Goma

Saturday all the cool kids (and cats) in town headed to the Barnes Elementary School library for the Smittens music video shoot!

Goma brought his massive posse, his agent, hairdresser, make up artist, bodyguard, press agent and handler. Sachie, the amazing comic artist and Goma Mama, details the day in her AWESOME blog, My Cat Goma.

The Smittens brought many costume changes and lots of pep considering they played The Monkey the night before and had to head to Montpelier to play the Langdon right after the shoot wrapped! What professionals!

Colin had a fresh haircut and spawned a tiny, striped sweater-wearing clone. Max took off his shoes and shared hard boiled eggs. Dana wore lipstick and gave Colin a good smack. David brought nifty noir clothes and made the magic happen. Holly let a gang of hoodlums bang on her drums.
Esse, also known as, "Watch Your Back Dakota Fanning" arrived clad in her librarian attire which is fitting because her mom Emer is studying to become a librarian in real life!
Esse is one of those can-do kind of kids, she does her own make-up, cuts her own bangs, co-directed the video with me and took charge of the set design.

After shooting various set ups and trashing the library, the kids started showing up. I expected about 10 kids but NO, we had over 30 children!! At first nobody was interested in dancing so I had to jump around like a jelly bean to get them in the mood.

After 3 takes of bouncing children, we were pretty much SPENT! The Smittens handed out pins to the masses.

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our Smittens Dance Party: Lawrence Barnes Elementary School and their Principal Paula Bowen and her family who let us in the building and helped us clean up! And thanks especially to the Barnes librarian who will have to put all our books away!

Look out for the video coming to the internets real soon!


moshix2/aka: sachie said...

OMG! Now I really really regret that I didnt stick around longer!! 30 kids wow!! Thats wild! I really think your direction and story was awesome!! I am hoping you will use the scene Where Goma comes out of returen box...lol! I CANT WAIT to see the finished piece!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Sachie, I think Goma was glad not to be there with the kids. It was MADNESS!!! I wanted to hide under a magazine rack! ;)

Goma coming out of the book return is probably my most favorite shot of the day!! I am gonna find a special place for it!

Q_Monroe said...

you are amazing lady! can't wait to see it. now you can put director on your business card too!

vlogger, blogger, videographer, director, dance teacher, animal & child tamer, goddess extraordinaire!

can't wait to see it!