Sunday, January 28, 2007

VCAM Goes Vroom

There are many exciting things happening over at Vermont Community Access Media these days. Their website is looking super snazzy and their blog details some of the hot changes a foot: Karen is leaving (we'll miss you Karen!!), Seth is stepping up (and getting busy!), RETN is moving in and Burlington Telecom is airing Channel 15! Cha-cha-cha-changes!

And if that isn't enough to get you all hot and bothered, VCAM has put together an awesome commercial advertising all the amazing work they do and the services they offer. This puppy is slick and it is gonna get the word out there in the best possible way.

Good job Seth, Bill and Bear! It looks and sounds (thanks Carrigan) fabulous - and I swear I am not just saying that 'cause I was lucky enough to be in it...erhm, well, maybe that is some of it but it is still really, really good!

In this modern age of mass-media saturation, it warms the heart to know that there is a place we ALL can go to learn how to create, edit, compress and upload videos with the help of a very competent and friendly staff. Where else can someone walk in off the street and broadcast what they need to say on air to the local community?

Like the tagline says, Don't just consume media, make it!


Q_Monroe said...

cool. love your new blog format. also, that's so great about vcam getting more known. my sister was so surprised that you didn't have to pay to have your show. vcam needs to get the word out!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks! I have hated those dots for such a looong time now and I finally figured out how to update the layout without losing my add ons - amazingly easy it turns out! See ya dots! Sucker! What do you think of the new sidebar? Too busy?

I know, VCAM got it going on! I love it that they are available to anyone who has the inclination and the idea! Gotta love public access and all they do across the country - hope it sticks around a good long while! Viva VCAM!