Friday, January 19, 2007

Comics and a Mix Tape

Sometimes the universe is kind to you and, just when you need it the most, along comes an unexpected pick me up in your PO box. What more could a girl ask for? Comics and a mix tape are like chocolates and flowers to some of us.

Nathan Rice makes comics. They are dark and raw and ugly and honest. They cover all of the good stuff like sex, politics, angst, alcoholism, depression and body fluids. Nathan has tall spiky Edward Scissorhands hair and an attitude that takes no prisoners.

And better still, Nathan made me a mix tape. Hurrah! And it's a good one too! It's been years since I got a proper mix tape and this one made my day. It has all the good fixings with drawings, hip hop and an eclectic set list. Nick Hornby would be proud.

And why am I so lucky? 'Cause Nathan saw my Mix Tape vlog on YouTube and thought I sounded bitter, so he made me a tape! Hurrah for bitterness and YouTube!

You can read Nathan's comics at The Daily Compulsion and let's not forget about visiting him on MySpace. Ah, the wonders of technology. Thanks Nathan and keep on pouring that pain, booze and ink into your kick ass comics!


Luke said...

I'm not ragging on you for liking his comics, but in person, Nathan Rice is a bitter, self-important asshole.

I say this as a fellow artist who was published in the Big Ass Mini comics anthology (BAM) with Nathan. Take it from me, the guy can't take criticism.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Eeek, that does not sound good! I know criticism is hard though, sensitive artist types never enjoy it too much...

And in his defense, he sent me a nice pick me up mix tape when i was soaked in an ugly shade of bitter, and that was a nice thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. He called you a self important asshole! Which you are! I am bitter. You haven't made me a mix tape in forever. And since you just sufficiently hurt my feelings I think one is in order don't you?