Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lucky Star

Yep, this is what I am talking about Retronome! Would it kill you to play some early Madonna, eh? Like something off her first album perhaps? You know, the one simply called "Madonna?" The one I had a cassette tape of and played over and over again in my bedroom as I marveled at her sexual prowess and killer fashion sense.

"Lucky Star" was the first Madonna video I ever saw. I think I probably caught it late at night on a pre-Mtv show called "Night Tracks" that I used to watch at Crystal's house. The second we saw her, we were hooked, like teenage moths to the flame.

We followed suit with forearms thick with jelly bracelets, florescent bows cluttering our ratty bleached hair, cut off lace gloves, chipped nail polish and ripped fishnets. We thought we were so cool and edgy but most of the people in our rural VT town just thought we were crazy.

"Lucky Star" is Madonna at her best. The video's production value is miniscule and it consists simply of Madonna oozing her raw star charms in a small white room with only two back up dancers and a shoddy dance routine to aid her.

She twists, bends and purrs like an alley cat. She is irresistible. She bares her soft belly (I miss the days of her soft belly, she is so hard nowadays), licks her lips, winks and convinces you that you, and you alone, are her lucky star:

PS On a totally unrelated note, I had my first test tonight. Since my Flash course is intermediate and I am so far behind, I figured I would fail it. But, surprise surprise, I know more than I realized and I think I did OK. This school thing is not so bad after all. And I am working on a fun Flash project which combines stop mo, crude animation and doodling - oh yeah!

I am so excited to learn Flash, Dreamweaver, Motion, Illustrator and Photoshop too! It is so cool to work on projects that fascinate you, even if it is sometimes stop and go and even if I am rusty at learning new software. OH BOY, what tech nerd fun!

Now I just have to learn all my lines for The Trojan Woman 'cause we go off book in two weeks - eeeek!!! Lucky star, help my brain increase its processing speeds! PGUON!


Q_Monroe said...

mentally sending some memorization and study skills your way! though i know you don't need them!

casey said...

Loved that show "Night Tracks." I still remember their cheesy flying logo.

Lesh said...

Congrats, smarty pants!

"Into The Groove" is my favorite Madonna song. It is so catchy I am surprised it is not illegal. Thanks for the love of her!

Back in Erie...sigh. Back to reality!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Welcome back to reality Lesh! Moahawhaw! "Get into the Groove" is one of my Madonna favs as well. I cannot help but pop out of my seat when it plays, oh yeah! Makes me want to start dancing just thinking about it!

Glad me and Crystal were not the only ones watching the uber cheeseball "Night Tracks" (are you old enough to know this show Casey?). But what are you gonna do? It was pre-YouTube and we were lucky for what we could get in rural VT!

YES I DO NEED THEM Suzanne! My brain is full of holes! I will never be able to remember all this! I am freaking out! My first line, "Ah me, shivering I left the tents of Agememnon to listen. Tell us, our Queen, did the Argive council decree our death?" That is all I got so far. EEEK!