Thursday, January 18, 2007

20 Years of Snow

To truly embrace the student (deadbeat) life, I have been walking all over the place. No car for me, no sir. It is a little bit harder to get around now that there is snow everywhere but it is oh so nice to look at, even as my fingers are going numb and my glasses are fogging up.

Here is a montage of pics I took on one of my frequent walks around town. Keep in mind that my fingers nearly fell off from the cold while taking these pictures:

The song, "20 Years of Snow," is by Regina Spektor and it has some haunting lyrics:

He's a wounded animal
He lives in a matchbox
He's a wounded animal
And he's been coming around here

He's a dying breed
He's a dying breed

His daughter is twenty years of snow falling
She's twenty years of strangers looking into each other's eyes
She's twenty years of clean
She never truly hated anyone or anything

She's a dying breed
She's a dying breed

She says I'd prefer the moss
I'd prefer the mouth
A baby of the swamps
A baby of the south
I'm twenty years of clean
And I never truly hated anyone or anything
Twenty years of clean
Twenty years of clean


SarBrook said...

Ok, you have the best taste in music. I liked that song you used for the snow montage, so I looked up the rest of Regina Spektor's stuff, and I really like her. Thanks for the good music!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thanks! I had only heard little whispers here and there about this Regina Spektor and then she blew up all over YouTube with her song "Fidelity."

I did a vlog about "Fidelity" and have not gotten around to editing it yet. But that song and video are just so, so, so perfect. Sigh.

Glad you like her! The song I used in this montage has such a creepy, haunting Grimms fairytale air. Sends chills up my spine. And her voice is so other worldy which fits with the way things look around here lately.

Q_Monroe said...

love regina, love the snow, love the old gnarly tree, love the deep deep knot, and especially love the red berries. great montage. i guess there's something good that comes from not being able to scoot.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

so true! it is slower going walking about but i getta take pics until my hands are too cold to move anymore! i am so glad it finally snowed. i was a wee bit worried!

abbie said...

well thank you thank you miss eva.
what a dEeeEEliiGHTful snow montage. love the piano accompaniment in that song...heart you to bits. what a phenom you are.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

awww, hearts and hugs right back atcha miss abbie. wish you were here to make snowmen with! somehow our daily cell phone chats do not make adequate substitutes for sled rides! ;)

Lesh said...

Gorgeous photos! I miss's nice to finally have winter, though!