Saturday, December 30, 2006


Oh, so much fun to wake up and open the curtain to the sight of WHITE WHITE everywhere! Even through my crappy blurry eyes I could see that the world was covered in SNOW! Finally the weather has turned around and we are in a proper Vermont December snowstorm.

From the warmth of my bed, I watched little kids pulling a circular sled to the big hill nearby. I'd like to follow them over there and bum a ride down but instead, I need to spend the day cooped up inside snipping away and guzzling pots of tea.

Even though the January episode of The Deadbeat Club won't air 'till January 5th (we hope), there is SO much to do these days what with New Year's parties, going away parties and a full week of work. Sheesh! 2007, I am looking forward to your arrival.

Let's hope I can make it through the stacks of bills awaiting me and the piles of paperwork I have yet to shove into the right folder. Not to mention the intimidating towers of dirty and clean clothes waiting anxiously to be dealt with. Where is my damn ladies maid??

My TO DO list keeps getting longer and longer and wait a minute, aren't I a DEADBEAT?! I shouldn't have much of anything to do, right?

The one drawback to all this snow is that Miss Abbie may not be able to make the drive up tonight as was hoped. We were gonna have girl night in front of the fire complete with knitting, hot rum and cider, girl talk, record spinning, cat play time and a cozy house covered in a thick blanket of snow. Sigh, if you decide not to brave the treacherous roads, another time Pooka Puck??

And btw, IT IS STILL SNOWING! Has not stopped once ALL DAY! YIPPEEEEE!!!!


Q_Monroe said...

what a great day it has been! it is so gorgeous. makes me so happy. we can still have our girls night, even if it's just you and me. i have to run in for WORK -- blargh! but after 6:30 i'll be free. let's chat soon.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YEAH! Abbie is en route! Girl night is back ON! Yippeeeee!!!

I LOVE SNOOOOOOW! we have go sledding! and skiing and ice skating!

Pizza, blogging, fire, snow and booze - hurry up!

PS Got a rough cut of the Offasty to show you!