Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No Pants, No Service!

Filmmaker, blogger, cable access guru and Renaissance man Bill Simmon has been busy as a bumble bee working on his upcoming documentary about the legendary Burlington rock band, The Pants for quite some time now.

The film (tentatively titled High Water Mark: the Rise & Fall of the Pants) is still in production and they hope to be finishing up by this Spring. Important news about the film will be announced on Candleblog (Bill's hood) and there is a nascent website up with relevant info and links here.

Good luck y'all! And when you have achieved your final cut, be sure to throw a massive pant-less wrap party with much alcohol and debauchery (that I am invited to)! And then you can storm off to Sundance to Wow the Hollywood crowd - perhaps sans pants?! Definitely use pants in your savvy marketing swag.

You can view The Pants' trailer here (please tell me that is the correct use of an apostrophe for a possessive noun?!). Why no YouTube Bill? I guess I have an old version of Quicktime cause I am not getting any image, but it sure sounds great!

Can't wait to see the finished product! Are you gonna have a big premiere at The Roxy? Will there be floodlights and dancing girls? Will there be people wearing pants? OK, time to shut up and go to bed (and dream of...PANTS!).


Bill said...

I have made a YouTube version and scoff at the resolution! Pah!

Seriously, thanks for the plug. And it's "Simmon," no "s" on the end. ;)


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Cool! Where is it on YouTube? I searched for it and came up with a bunch of naughty videos of people SANS pants - jackpot!

sorry about your name, i fixed it! the trailer looks really good, makes me want to see the movie and this coming from someone who knows nothing of The Pants!!! well done!