Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beat That Cheating Scumbag Out of Your Life & Get Fit Trying

With a title like this, how can you resist watching? 3 Girls in a Boat strike again! And ladies, if you ever decide to become THREE girls for real, give me a jingle! I'll be on a Virgin Atlantic flight to England before you can say, "Bob's Yer Uncle!"


Anonymous said...

hello EVITA, it is marti webb again!
what is your e-mail address pls so i can reveal the glory and the dream of the (wo)man behind the pseudonym!

"You made me think you were in love,
I thought I would be Mrs Sheldon Bloom.
I couldn’t go through this again.
It’s very painful when you lose what you’ve got.
I can see, love's no friend to me."

ciao bella

Eva the Deadbeat said...
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