Sunday, December 24, 2006

DBCV9: Montreal

Time for a trip across the border with Eva and Scott:


tonci said...

my uncle lives in montreal. i'm dying to come there at least once. and to vancouver two aunts live there. they came there there when they were 18 and 22, i think. didn't even know the language.
now they are both 50 something.
half of my family lives in canada actually. so not fair! you can just pop in now and then, and i'm far, far awaaay :( (being cooked alive!!! it's so hot for this time of year.)
anyway, i'm off to decorate my christmas tree! it's 7 pm here so...
hope you are well and
MERRY CHRISTMAS to deadbeats everywhere!!!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Dear Tonci the Deadbeat!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you as well! Is it so hot that you can wear flip flops? I am jealous if so. It is pretty warm here too which is awful as there is NO SNOW!! ARGH! Where is our white Christmas!? Oh well!

Why did your family move to Canada? I hear Vancouver is WONDERFUL and I can say for sure that Montreal is as well. Both have a European feel to them with cobblestone streets and lots of cool urbanites - you should visit!

Hope the tree decorating went well. We just did ours today as well and I still have presents to wrap! Egads! Just like a deadbeat to wait till the last minute! ;)

Hugs to Bobo!

xoxo Eva xox

Q_Monroe said...

yeah montreal vlog. i like that you just followed your noses around the city and stayed for lunch AND dinner. what movie did you see? when i first got to australia from fiji, i think i was so culture shocked, that that's the first thing i did -- went to see "My big fat greek wedding." i guess i just needed a taste of home.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

yeah, i think that is my favorite thing to do in any city. i loathe having plans, i sorta like to meander and see where i end up. that is how most of my foreign adventures start off.

when i visited Margot in France we saw SO many movies! as fun as it was to be in a foreign city, we also needed some American grounding. i remember seeing Pump Up the Volume there and loving their plush seats and cool pre-show ads.

In Montreal we saw Casino Royale which i never quite got into for reasons I won't bore you with. i think it would have been more fun if i was in the mood.

it was so cool to be in another country for the day though. man, a BIG plus of living in VT!

Jan said...

Dear Eva,

I saw your photo at the top of this post and just wanted to tell you how incredibly attractive I think you are.


tonci said...

you've got an admirer!

here is not exactly flip-flop hot :), but it's unusually warm this time of year, it's about 25 C and i've got only my winter coat.
global warming, i guess :(
i thought you were up to your necks in snow! hopefully i'll come to canada once to have a real white christmas with the family.
they moved because of poverty actually, things
were a bit rough in croatia back then and a lot of people moved to australia, canada, germany and so on.
i hate america, you don't have issues like that and everyone sucks up to you ;)

btw i'll be sending you pictures! the christmas tree is looking great(i decorated it myself of course:)
and i have a few pics of bobo as rudolph.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Dear Jan,

Thanks very much and right back atcha. Your blog is quite impressive and gives me much reading to do.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Dear Tonci,

Yes, DO send pictures! Bobo as a reindeer? I gotta see that!

We had a very small Xmas tree this year but lots of nice presents so that was good! since we have a small family we go a little crazy in the gift department and i made out like a bandit! Wearing my new XMas slippers today and they are soft and lovely. What did you and Bobo get?

It sucks that so much of your family had to move to Canada because of poverty. Has the situation in Croatia gotten better since then? And you are right that in America, we rarely suffer through such circumstances. Even our poor people have cable tv and McDonalds.

You would think it would not be too much to ask to spread the wealth out a bit more evenly across the world but greed is a human quality we seem hard pressed to shake. Ah well, who knows what the future will bring!

Hope your holidays go well and you I am wishing you a Happy New Year Tonci!

best, Eva

PS We should have more snow this time of year but alas, global warming (back to my earlier comment about human greed, well, let's not forget human stupidity too). Watched A White Christmas on TV the other night and was sad!

tonci said...

my mum is a bit stingy when it comes to me and my brother, all i got are some horrible turkish chocolates she got in the supermarket :)
no, i'm kidding, she got me a trash bin too! wow, i know! which is sad because she bought her business partners versace perfumes! c**t! ;) So i guess you could say the situation here in croatia has gotten better.
my folks opened a hotel so it's going pretty well for us, but there is a lot of poverty, still.
but it's really not about the gifts, we had a lovely christmas this year, we didn't have a single argument. that's a real achievement.
i wish you and your family all the best in 2007, and many more videos for your fellow deadbeats!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

awww, turkish chocolates and garbage bins? please tell me you are joking about the last bit - unless it was a magic garbage bin!? well, who wants stinky versace perfume anyways, blech! yes, it is important to celebrate the lack of arguments during the fretful holidays. we had only one small snafu but now it is all better. eh, what can you do?

holidays + family = explosions

i always thought it would be really cool to run a hotel and see all the different people who stayed there. you could write a book about the goings on - or a blog!? i also always dreamt of opening up a bed and breakfast in the VT countryside - that way i could live in the middle of nowhere and soak up the scenery! I hear it is harder than you think though...

hope your New year is rocking!

tonci said...

no, i'm not joking. wasn't a magic garbage bin either. but i was able to control myself. either that or a 2 hour long lecture about how ingrateful i am.

i hate running a hotel and the people who come there. i'm the only one who speaks english or german so i have to make myself available from dawn till midnight. + smile at everyone! i'd much rather tell them to f themselves and go away. seriously.
and here's the website of our lovely hotel:

it's not exactly the ritz, but it's nice. i used to like it there when i was a kid.
you'll see a small american/english flag so click on it and then press gallery to see the pictures. my favourite one is on page 4, the last one. it has a nice view.

so aniway, when you decide to come to croatia, you know who to call :)

tonci said...

and please don't read the description because the asshole who wrote is an illiterate moron.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

WOW! I gotta say, that is beautiful! the water is just dreamy! please understand that it is freezing cold and dark here. everything is gray and dead as we await snow. So to look out at that blue blue sea and feel warm breezes on my cheek - OH MY! you are lucky Tonci!

but it sucks if you are the go-to boy for English. that would get old after a while. especially if you are getting a garbage can for xmas - that is not right!

hope your day goes well and you are having some lovely weather. can you go swimming in the winter or is it too cold? It snowed some this AM but has now almost melted away. I WANT A SNOWSTORM!

next time I am in or near Croatia, I am staying at your hotel! OH YES! and i will be the annoying American asking to speak English with you and most likely sticking a camera in your face! Oh, American tourists must be just awful!!

la-la-lani said...

Let's go to Croatia!!!

My sister + her husband stayed with Croatian-New Yorker friends in Split for several weeks a couple of years ago and lurved it. ...I can probably still get third-party insider's tips on Euro-trashing.

(ps: does my photo now show up? I just created a profile in the hopes of also getting admirers as intriguing as yours.)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

YES! LET'S GO! I have dreaming of warm Mediterranean bottle-blue waters ALL DAY! dream, dream - and there are warm breezes caressing my face and I am barefoot and surrounded by white sand and there is a HUGE icy cocktail in my right hand - MUST WAKE UP! at least we had sun today so i should be grateful. BUT YES! i am so down. let's go!

no pic?! ;( you need to start a bloggie and then it will show up for sure! you will be flooded with admirers no doubt!

la-la-lani said...

We had sun today?!? Dammit, I can't see anything from my little cave of an office!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

OOOH! There is your pic! OOH LA LA LANI!

YES! We had sun today for a brief moment. Amie and I soaked in it but it was not the stuff of the South Seas.

I love it that we communicate this way when you are across the office from me. it will make it easier when I am gone (sniffle) and I can pretend you are still a spitballs' distance away...

tonci said...

Dearest Eva :),

some people actually went swimming in november, but not anymore. altough there are always the insane people who swim the whole year, like those ''polar bears'' in canada.

damn, la-la-lani is just my type, if i was only a bit older, just a bit. and she's a sagittarius, can it get any better than that?
and i'm going to hold on to your word! you guys have to come. and then you are going to take me back with you and i'm never coming back.
(must wake up too!)

btw, my new year is going to suck. me and my utterly insane friend are going to stay at my house and watch movies, while my parents are going out with their friends. what is up with that? i should just shoot myself or maybe just get loaded and fall asleep.
hope you'll have a good time :)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Dear Tonci,

OH NO! Don't shoot yourself! I say get loaded and take lots of embarrassing pictures, that is always good for a laugh. And dance spastically to Madonna. That is what I plan on doing.

We are going to a party (with the lovely Lani) to get boozed up and dance till my feet fall off. All I wanna do this New Year's Eve is DANCE! Truth be told, that is really all i ever wanna do!

We are SO on our way out there sometime soon. We cannot survive another looong VT winter without some blue blue warm sea. At least it is snowing today though! And we will smuggle you back to the States in our suitcase!

Have fun and wishing you a Happy 2007!


PS Lani is even more ravishing in person and her sparkling wit is so Oooh La Lani!

tonci said...

i do have an incriminating madonna/buddha/piggy bank video hidden in my computer! lol
even better than pictures. maybe i'll show it to you once. but that's a BIG maybe.

happy new year everyone!