Monday, December 04, 2006

DBCV5: Light My Fire

I am still trying to work out some sort of a format for my fledgling vlog (sheesh, I can barely get the hang of this here blog and now I am attempting to vlog - this is sure to end badly). DBCV5 is a little shorter (thanks Steve) and instead of making one big monster vlog, I tried to break it up into parts (the next 3 parts are upcoming and involve Scott Walker, Regina Spektor and most important of all, my new glasses).

I figure if I just keep on making them, some sort of a structure will work itself out eventually. That is sort of what happened with my cable access show, The Deadbeat Club. As unsure as I was when I was throwing together the first episode (at the last minute, what else is new?), I went through with it and turned it in to the station because I knew no one was going to watch it (talk about no pressure).

Over the years (we're coming up on our 3 year anniversary!), I shaped and molded the show into its current form and it is always evolving. It has been really fun watching the DBC reruns play because I can see what worked better then and what works better now. Some elements improved (sound transitions) and others changed drastically (more polished).

For instance, in the episode that played tonight, DBC9 from December of 2004, there were WAY too many movie clips and they interrupt far too often. The rhythm of the show suffers because the film clips keep busting in. Nowadays, I try to let the show play out more organically with longer talking bits and fewer cuts and edits. It feels better to let us mess up here and there and to keep the "fair use" clips to a fair minimum.

Still, who can say if The Deadbeat Club has really gotten better? In fact, as with the last time reruns aired, I got a nice email saying how the show was getting better and better. The only thing is, these are old episodes, so if they are better, does that mean we are getting worse? OK, too much thinking and nit picking is going into this here blog post and I have to wake up in 5 hours and deal with 3,000 little kids. Eeek! Time for bed!

So, after all that blabbing, here is another installment of the DBC Vlog. DBCV5 details the early December mood in Burlington Vermont, complete with our recent storms, our first snow, the holiday season and shopping galore.

And to cap it all off, make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, cuddle up with an animal and curl up by the fireplace (video monitor). This fire will keep you warm as the winds gust outside, Lake Champlain rages against the shore and winter creeps up on us...slowly...

DBCV5: Light My Fire

PS There are also some shout outs to Nathan in Austin, Texas and Tonci (and his dog!) in Split, Croatia!


la-la-lani said...

sweet new glasses!

(I think I tried on that same pair.)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks! i still can't get over the fact that they are orange and purple but fuck it, may as well embrace my inner kooky lady!

Anonymous said...

well i guess i'm an official deadbeat now! i have really achieved something in my life.
now i can retire.
eva thanks so much for the shot out!love your fireplace.
just a tiny bit jealous though.
we have palm trees here in split, no snow, obviously.
but i'm set on having the real christmas -hmm,what's the word?? spirit? this year, so bobo (the dog) is doomed to play rudolph the raindeer. i've already bought the neccessary accesories. can't wait for christmas!
eva, thank you so much one more time!
tonci of split :)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Bobo! that is the best name ever and it suits him perfectly! lots of hugs to Bobo from deadbeats everywhere! he can be in our club too!

ooh, what i would not do for some palm trees right now! and some warm balmy breezes, sigh - i am jealous! we just had our first snow that stuck this morning so i looked out the window and saw the backyard covered in white (it is all melted by now)! you can certainly have the Christmas spirit, especially with Bobo as Rudolph! Send pictures!

thanks again for writing and stay in touch! you are an honorary deadbeat for sure! xoxo

Lesh said...

Holler holler, Bobo!

LOVE the photos from Oak Ledge (right?)...the fury and the majesty of the sea.................lake.

As for the CGI porn? Yikes.

Hi Lani! I agree that I heart her glasses too. Yay for us sight-deprived lovely ladies.

Lesh said... your short-but-sweet-but-informative end credits so peeps can find you. As Hall and/or Oates said, "Private eyes (clap) are watching you (clap clap), they see your every move."

Anyhoo...keep up the vlog...I like the format...each entry bite-sized and delicious. Is that what you're doing? Not sure...will keep watching. you=the best.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

aw lesh, ;), you make me all warm and fuzzy in my ice cold heart :P

i have been trying to do a vlog for a while but am still sorta winging it 'till i get the format down - trying different things - have a couple about music to come, i guess trying to get something as bite sized as rocketboom but not sure how or what my focus should be (the insane inards of my brain are my starting point)? come january will have much more time to figure this stuff out! hurrah!

glad the glasses look ok. being blind as a bat, it's nice to know they make cool specs for us kooky vision impaired ladies.

hall and oates!!??? man, you are my hero, anyone who quotes hall and oates iS top of the list in my book, but you were already there so now you are off the charts in outer space!!!

love the lesh!!!! (and the bobo!!!)

PS yes! oakledge was so crazy that day! we almost blew away! lake champlain can be such a crazy ass bitch!