Thursday, December 14, 2006

Office Cake

The ratio of people to cake is too big.
Milton Waddams

One of the many perks of working in an office is all the free food that magically appears in the kitchen and sits out on the break table waiting for you to eat it.

As lovely Suzanne (the infamous cloud eater herself) notes in her fabulous blog, this is slightly ironic, don't you think, 'cause the other thing about working in an office is that most everyone is on a diet most of the time. But this just means more cake for us!

The rainbow cake in honor of Gloria's birthday was particularly beautiful in its technicolor happy brightness. It came from Costco and it tasted like sugar-laced, heavenly goodness. Mmmm.

The same day, Amie brought in a peppermint cake she made cause her daughter asked her to. Man, those were the days when you could just ask your mom to make you a cake and she did it. Wait a minute, my mom never made me cakes on demand! Phooey!

Sometimes when we come together for an office birthday party/cake eating ritual, I am reminded of that brilliant scene in Office Space where they sing that lackluster Happy Birthday and my beloved Milton gets stiffed on a piece of cake. Oh Milton, I saved you a slice!

Of course, our singing has a lot more verve, but office party gatherings are inherently a wee bit awkward (sometimes more or less so when booze is involved). Such is the nature of the beast.

There is inevitably some foot shuffling, some misplaced threads of good humored conversation and some well meant attempts at togetherness. This is not to say I do not love these moments. Who doesn't love to take time off to chill with their hommies, sing a song and indulge in sweet, sugary CAKE!? Count me in!

The best is peeking in the kitchen over the remainder of the day to watch as the cake slowly dwindles down to crumbs. Then everyone waits to see who will throw out the container and, if it sits empty on the table too long, an email goes out complaining about it. Ah Offasty, I will miss thee and thy special rituals!

So like Marie Antoinette said (or maybe did not say), "Let them work in an office 40 hours a week staring at a computer screen and then as a reward, let them eat cake!"

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Q_Monroe said...

yum, cloud cake. thanks for linking to me. i'll link to you too!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

i love your blog cloud-eating Suzanne! and your cake post is hilarious! keep posting!!!