Sunday, December 03, 2006

DBC Reruns

The Animal Show
December 2004
Airing December 3rd-15th 2006

Includes: 2004 election, John Kerry and Bush montages, lots of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, animal montage, story of Sheila the Dog, Babes of the Month are Lovable Psychos, Lyric's Grease at the Flynn (with Eva as the scary Cha Cha)

The New Year Show
January 2005
Airing December 17th-31st 2006

Includes: DBC New Year's Countdown, a look back at 2004, in the year 2005 a la Conan O'Brian, Mad Max Trailer, Babes of the Month are Jane Austin Men, Simpson XMas, Eva sings Olivia Newton John in the snow

The Deadbeat Club
Fridays at 11pm
Sundays at 9pm
Channel 15
New episode:
Airs Friday, January 5th, 2007

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