Thursday, December 14, 2006

For Me?

Is it my birthday or something? Has Christmas come early? My new YouTube buddy Princess EricaLand made a video just for me! Wow, thanks! Good to know you have my back Princess/TRANEISHA! Now I can put down the knife I have been carrying around!

My favorite part of this video is when Erica/Traneisha says we can run over Dwayne with the car and pretend it is an accident! YES! And then we can break his legs with her brother's friends! Jobless cheating Dwayne with his plastic ass cups is SO DEAD!

Here are some choice excerpts but you really need to watch to experience the joy that is Traneisha:

"Are you serious? Are you serious right now?....You need to let his ass go. You need to get his ass. Girl, you need to get his ass...I got a plan...You don't need to be running around with no damn knife for his motherfucking ass and he with these crusty toes and no good motherfucking hos. Please bitch, you can do so much better. Tyrone already asked for your phone number. And once again, we can run over his ass!"

"You roll your eyes at me one more motherfucking time and I'm gonna beat your motherfucking ass...I went in the bathroom with her and I was like, bitch, you gotta get offa Eva...and she is like "Fuck Eva" and I was like, bitch, and I was about to go off on her. And I started getting in her face and me and my friends were all up in know what bitch, we gonna come get you...Eva you better be down for this shit. Girl, I am waiting for your response, that motherfucker gonna get his."

"We ain't gotta get no knives bitch, please. Girl please, we grew up together. We got our hair braided on the same motherfucking porch, please bitch. You know what's up, we gonna get that motherfucker."

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