Friday, February 23, 2007

Stuck in Vermont Moves to Seven Days

OK, I know I should not count my chickens before my ship has hatched and all that jazz but can I just be really happy for just one second and crow merrily from the rooftops? YES! I can! This is my blathering blog and I can be as obnoxious as I please! Plug your ears if need be.

You know the fairytale Cinderella? The poor evil stepsisters (who are far easier to relate to than bland pretty Cinderella) try so hard to jam their enormous feet into the petite glass slipper, but it is to no avail. I think in some versions, they even cut off their toes to crunch their bloody feet into the dainty little shoe.

Well, that has been me for a long time now, trying to jam my foot into a slipper that didn't fit. How heavenly is it to put on a shoe and have it feel just right? That is how working for Seven Days feels, like a comfortable old shoe. Only, that sounds all wrong. But you get my drift.

Stuck in Vermont has a new home and it is at Seven Days. The move is courtesy of Online Editor/Blogger extraordinaire Cathy, beautiful site design for STVT by Don (ooh, red and black, how classy-n-punk!), most excellent logo design by Scott and fabulous song in the opening credits by The Smittens.

I am so excited and have more ideas for vlogs than I can keep straight in my head. VT is full of interesting people, happenings and stories and I can't wait to sink my teeth into them! CHOMP, chew, chew, swallow!

Be on the look out for vlogs about the VDay Blizzard, Oscars in VT, First 50, Mardi Gras and Keely and Du - and that is just this weekend! And please comment with any feedback/ideas you have! STVT is a work in progress but now that I am wearing shoes that fit, it is sure to be a fun ride! Wait, does that make me Cinderella? Eeek!

PS And while I am crowing, did you know the fabulously talented Seven Days writer/editor, Margot Harrison, is now doing movie reviews? Yes, yes, 'tis true that she is my sister and fellow deadbeat but that doesn't biase me as such. I know good writing when I read it:

Those fine performances give real heft to a tragic event late in the story. Like the adult fairy tale Pan’s Labyrinth, Terabithia presents fantasy as a way of surviving realities that are hard for anyone — let alone children — to face. Unlike Pan, Terabithia is probably not too disturbing for most young viewers. The “tearjerker” part of the movie is presented with such low-key realism that it may even hit adults hardest, while kids struggle to absorb what’s going on. (The scene that drops like a bomb in the novel passes very quickly on-screen.) - Margot Harrison, Seven Days


Jeff said...

Well, I get to be the first to offer congratulations (here, anyway). I have gotten into the awful pattern at work, of spending too much time reading things that do not pertain in any way to my job, and I saw the announcement today on 802Online... So congratulations on going pro. Enjoy the ride. Great to see a post from you where you sound happy with what you are doing.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Thank You Jeff! i keep pinching myself, it feels too good to be true! I am finally doing something that makes me happy and I am learning so much with every vlog I shoot (it feels good to learn new things - why isn't learning more common once we are adults?).

Only trouble is, my OCD tendencies are given free reign and there is a good chance I will never sleep, ever again! Ah well, that is the price you pay when doing something you love!

PS I know the dangerous affliction of which you speak - I fear I perfected it to an art form and it should be called IAWOTC = Internet Addiction While On the Clock!

Chris said...

go deadbeat go!!

Cinder Ella said...

careful there Cindy, if you don't take good enough care of yourself, you're going to turn into sleeping beauty... seven days may have given you some fancy glass slippers, but they might not kiss you...

(i would though!)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

sound advice mIss Ella Boo! Not to worry, this is one sore-throated Cinderella who is gonna pass out in her outfit of rags and enjoy some downtime with her SATC gfs - makes me miss our days of yore and our SATC 2 hour lunches - sniffle!

HAVE A GREAT VACATION! i will miss you! ;)