Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Best Moment at the Oscars

Jack Black and Will Ferrell complaining about their lack of Oscar action in a kick ass musical number? What a dream come true. It was too loud at Ye Olde Northender to properly appreciate these lyrics (plus I was too busy blabbing) but thank goodness for YouTube so I can enjoy it later!

HAW! This reminds me of that Kids in the Hall skit about the Oscar-bait movie featuring a guy with a spike through his head. I am sure that if Farrell starred in a movie about a guy with no arms and no legs, it would be warmly received by Oscar.

But knowing Farrell, as capable as he may be of serious Shakespearean acting, he would no doubt pepper the limbless part with poo jokes - who can resist!

For fun pics of the Oscars at Ye Old Northender, check out David's snaps here. It was my first time at the Y.O.N.E and I got to meet the infamous Brookezilla in person and match people to their MySpace pics. A good time was had by all and a STVT vlog will follow! Thanks for a great party David!

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la-la-lani said...

Fabulous Oscars dress--I must invade and raid your closet.