Friday, February 16, 2007

Buried in Burlington

After three hours of shoveling (OK, OK, my sister shoveled for three hours, I quit after one, it's grueling!), our driveway is still not completely free of snow. The sides of the drive are mountains of formidable cottony snow.

I may have quit shoveling early but I made up for it with steaming hot tea and fresh blueberry muffins. Mmm, snow days taste so damn good! I flaked on class and yoga (after all, I couldn't get my car out, right!) and stayed in to soak up the feeling of doing nothing.

Later, I dared to venture out of my underground hovel. Downtown Burlington is apocalyptic, like a snow bomb exploded all over the place. Sidewalks are strangely geometrical, sharp angles cut into the 5 feet of snow, parking meters peek out from snowy hillocks like flirty schoolgirls, the sound of squealing tires echo in the air, Church St is a ghostland with massive mountain ranges of snow piled up in the center of the street.

There is something so magical about this winter wonderland that has encased the city. It is like nature is taking the reins back and reminding us who is boss. This is humbling and a little bit scary, the good kind of scary.

Thanks to Lani for some of the above pics!


Q_Monroe said...

parking meters as flirty schoolgirls, eh?

i wish you hadn't missed yoga. i missed your energy. but i did my first hand stand!

glad you had a good snow day. let's talk soon. are you coming downtown today? call me!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

hurrah! congrats on your handstand! those always kill me. it was nice to take off a school day and eat warm butter-dripping muffins, i must say! yum yum! in fact, we ate them all in about 1/2 hr, shoveling makes you hungry!

i am coming downtown today, i am gonna IM you!

la-la-lani said...

your meter is more flirty than mine

Eva the Deadbeat said...

heehee, not sure about that, i think your meter just winked at me! ;)

la-la-lani said...

oh my, what good taste my meter has!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

hee hee! you caught me Friday flirting (a la the parking meters) with a very cute plowman! i said simply, "sir, will you be so kind as to plow my driveway?" why i never! ;)