Friday, February 23, 2007

Swiss Baby Lauro on YT

My Swiss German cousin/doppelganger Annelis - we are the same age and our fathers are the same age - just had a baby named Lauro. Her husband made this video of the baby and Annelis (there is some swollen-with-milk boob action which may be why it has 2000 views).

How cool is it that I can switch on my YouTube to see my cousin's baby in Switzerland? Annelis comes from a small farming town called Bleinenbach. Her family has lived in a multi-generational traditional Swiss homestead for years with red geraniums hanging from the windows, a stone oven in which to bake bread and a working farm out back. The local cemetery is chock full of Rosas, Fritzs and Sollbergers.

When I was last there in 2000, there was no computer in the house and my Uncle Fritz was still milking the cows, driving the tractor and slaughtering pigs despite his bad back. His wife Heidi works like an ox gardening, baking and cleaning and the entire family have jobs in the service industry - plant nursery, flower store, canning factory. Horse driven carts still ride up and down the streets in this little town with its beautiful rolling hills and mysterious dark woods. When I am there, I feel home.

This was the email from Annelis in her cute broken English - she is the only one in her family who speaks it:

Hi Eva

You did make very good movies on you tube. My husband makes also some movies there. If you like you can search under LUKAS HALLER. You can find about three movies I think. One about the birth of our son, one of a weekendtrip with friends and one with friends who visit us. The music he makes by himself. He is a good singer its my opinion. I hope you will enjoy this small videos.

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