Saturday, February 24, 2007

New STVT Vlogs (and Mardi Gras)!

I am too tired and sick to blog much BUT please check out my two new Stuck in Vermont vlogs over at Seven Days featuring Friday's art opening First 50 at Kasini House and the Valentine's Day Blizzard and its impressive effects on downtown Burlington.

I still have to pinch myself every time I pop over to the Seven Days website and see my name on their main page below Freyne Land - that man is amazing, seriously, amazing. To quote Wayne, my cable access compatriot, "We're not worthy."

I could blather on more but I caught quite a chill shooting Mardi Gras today. It is the sort of chill that seeps deep into your bones and makes your fingers ache - or is this frostbite? Ah well, it was worth it for the chance to see the parade from the cherry picker at the top of Church St courtesy of Magic Hat.

What an awesome parade and what a great cause. It is good I only had that one jello shot at the Hood parking lot (courtesy of the lovely House of LeMay) or I might have slipped to my death later when we were blowing in the wind and trying to get out of the path of the wayward Victor's Secret float (gyrating men in lingerie wearing angel wings - could they have been more awesome?) which was too big to get around the corner. And despite this, did I manage to hold my camera steady? Er, sort of, my hands were icecubes at that point.

My teeth are still chattering but it was worth it cause I got to walk the parade path while shooting all sorts of fun footage of Alan and the Bob wearing bright, colorful costumes and riling up the crowd as they led the parade up Church St. Is there anywhere else I would want to be living right now? Well, an empty beach might be nice...but no, you can keep your sandy shores, I love being stuck in Vermont!

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la-la-lani said...

We were wondering where you were -- little did we know that we merely needed to look up, lucky girl! I think I have some pix of Margot on the Seven Days float, and I may have some other fun shots if you want 'em. I'll try to download and send anything interesting tonight.

Look forward to the vlog! Feel better -- drink tea!