Friday, February 23, 2007


Lord knows I love me some public access TV. Well, I also love me some RETN which is the Educational Channel 16 on your dial. I have been doing some freelance work with RETN and was glad to be at their studios February 21st to shoot the LIVE! taping of The Truth of 9-11: What Now? which was a panel discussion examining the upcoming VT ballot measure to decide if there should be a new investigation into 9-11. Don't you just love VT?

I was the Floor Manager which meant I got to do the super cool 10 second countdown which involves lots of hand-eye coordination. I also got to write things on a dry eraser board for Scott, the most excellent host, to read. Messages like, "Steve from Ohio on Line 1" and other such gems.

It is really fun being part of a production team. Everyone has their place and we all work together like an WOM. Even more fun, you get to hear the voice of the director/God in your ear through headsets. Unfortunately, God (AKA Jim) was cracking me up and telling jokes such as, "Uh oh, I got a paper cut, I'm going home," and "Hee hee, he said doody." Keeping a straight face while a panel is discussing the aftermath of 9-11 and the voice in your head is making you laugh, never easy.

It is also hard to stand still for 2 hours and to not say anything. I did half assed tree poses to keep my feet from falling asleep. Keeping still is hard enough for a hurricane of energy like myself but keeping my motor mouth silent? Ooof, that was the hardest test of all! But I managed and we were all so happy when the show was over and we pulled it off! We did it! We went LIVE! and didn't blow anything up! Hurrah for Educational TV, headsets and hand signals! Go team!


Q_Monroe said...

cool! you are all over the map. that hand-eye coordination countdown is tough. what's WOM?

p.s. you look so professional in your headset!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

WOM = well-oiled machine ;)

and that we were - i didn't really have to do much besides the awkward finger countdown - the guy in the pic, Jason, got all the action zooming in on panelists whenever they started talking.

it was sorta fun, Jim's voice would come into my ear, "GO get 'em Camera 1!" and then Jason would be frantically reframing and the voice would say, "Frame up, now down, ok, switching to Camera 1!"

I was Camera 3 which was shooting Scott, the moderator. My camera was used a lot but I hardly ever adjusted it, alas. But I did get to write cool stuff on the eraser board and that was very important! HAW! It is fun to be a WOM!

PS Me,professional? I love it!