Monday, February 12, 2007

Eva Vlogs Clogs in Her Hometown

Last Saturday, Meghan and I took a lovely drive to my hometown of Johnson, Vermont to attend the 5th Annual Johnson Winter Carnival. We were hoping to see some Snow Volleyball but alas, the event was cancelled.

Luckily, there were all sorts of other fun things to do such as ice skating, cake walking, snow sculpture gazing, bake sale buying and clog watching. To see more, watch my third Stuck in Vermont vlog!

Best of all, we got to see the RimRock Cloggers performing with Clean Fill on the Johnson Elementary School gymnasium stage. It was a mix of seasoned performers such as Amanda Preston, Kayla MacDonald, Shoshie and Aliza Silverstein and some younger students having a good time and learning from the masters.

The fiddle plucking was infectious and it was hard to stand still with all that upbeat clogging going on. Neglecting my cameraman duties, I felt the overwhelming urge to tap my feet or clap along. I spoke to the girls after the show and Shoshie said that they wanted to give the feeling of hanging out on a friend's back porch and relaxing with casual clogging, fiddle playing and family members. That is a back porch I would like to spend some time on.

Even more fun, I ran into an old friend of mine from Johnson Elementary School, Amy Gilbert. She didn't recognize me at first and claimed my skin was a lot darker (did California make me Mexican?). Of course, the first question out of Amy's mouth after she recognized me was, "Do you have kids?" I looked at my video camera and said, "Sort of."

I also got to see the amazing Molly Hatfield, my bestest friend from Hyde Park's Lamoille Union High School - but only for a brief moment. I missed the chance to see her 10 year old daughter Olive who I last saw at the wee age of 2 years old. Molly and her family are blue-blooded Vermonters who built their own house, kill their own meat and live off the land. You'll be seeing them in a Stuck in Vermont vlog real soon. In the meantime, here is Episode 3:


Chris said...

"Molly and her family are blue-blooded Vermonters who built their own house, kill their own meat and live off the land. You'll be seeing them in a Stuck in Vermont vlog real soon." - that sounds very interesting, I'd like to see that.

tonci said...

don't be lazy! we want more!
great stuff.
i think i might just start my own clogging club, johnson vermont is just too far away.
i love it how everything looks so idyllic, you really have this comunity spirit thing, it seems like a lot of fun.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks guys! there will be many many more (I hope) and I think Molly's family would be super interesting. i got more ideas than i know what to do with!

isn't clogging cool Tonci? I wanna learn it and find a back porch to CLOG ON! VT is pretty cool and I hope I get to see all sorts of it that i wouldn't normally see - plus meet all sorts of VTers doing their own thing.

i want the Stuck in Vermont vlog to show the VT you might not expect. You should do a vlog about Croatia! I would LOVE to see it!

Sara said...

Eva, you just have the best stuff. You have inspired me to make my own vlog AND blog. (the blog is easier, because my webcam and mic are very limiting) Do me a favor and check me out? I have you linked in my blog!!!

Q_Monroe said...

i love your vlog too! johnso is a sweet old town. i love that hippie chick coffee shop and the little old diabetic people that i interviewed there one summer.

let's start a fund to get tonci up here. i want to meet this kid and his little bobo too!

or maybe we should start our own fund to go out to see tonci first...

Eva the Deadbeat said...

Sara, thanks for the link! Your blog looks awesome and I can't wait to read more! Random cultural musings are the best! Good on ya!

Suzanne, we need to go visit Tonci - soon! Lani, are you in? I need to lie in the sun SO SO SO BAD. i mean, it, i am shriveling inside from all this cold.

Johnson is a very cool town these days but it was pretty damn boring when I was growing up there. all i remember doing was sitting around and WAITING, waiting for something interesting to happen. that is what happens when you do not have internet access and you have a surge of hormones. ah well, i guess boredom made me what i am today - totally bonkers!

tonci said...

i could definitely work out a special discount for eva and her friends at the hotel, no problem. my dad is easily persuaded - guess how i got bobo?!
you would love it here, it's not exactly ibiza, more like a place for 'little old diabetic people', but the sea is just fantastic!
and it's smoking hot in the summer.
so are you in?

altough i'd much rather come up there.
actually, my aunts and cousins are coming here from vancouver this summer and i could ask them if i could come up there during the winter holidays. and when i'm there i might as well visit my uncle who has a little farm outside montreal somewhere, and you could drop by! how far is it from burlington to montreal?

i'm very imaginative, as you can see lol
but it could happen, you know. i'll be 18 before christmas so why the hell not?!
got to calm down, i sound like huckleberry finn