Sunday, February 25, 2007

YouTube XMas

I went to bed last night with 277 YouTube subscribers and woke up with 578 subscribers - which has now gone up to 788. I thought Christmas was in December? My email IN BOX is packed full of pages and pages of subscriptions from very odd sounding user names. Is this how it feels to be Emmalina for a day?

At first I figured I hit the jackpot and got featured on the YT main page but quickly found that not to be the case (which is probably for the best as I do not think I am mentally prepared for the harsh spotlight that comes with being featured and having thousands of people tell you how "gay" you are).

I don't think I would have figured out the source of my YT spike had it not been for a heads up from Zack who let me know that I was featured on the new user sign up page. So when the zillions of people joining YT on a daily basis (are they real I wonder?) sign up for accounts, my channel gets recommended!?

So far I have talked to two of the other "Popular Channels" recommended for subscriptions. Abe has worried that there is cheating involved and people will be angry at his subscription spike. Tom is also overwhelmed with subscriptions but did not know the source of the sudden spike.

Ah well, little pleasures almost make up for still being cold after yesterday's Mardi Gras shoot. Maybe someday I will even be able to feel my fingers again. In the meantime, my Gmail account has never felt more loved. Thanks YouTube!

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