Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Donut Eating whilst Gliding

How many donuts can you eat in 4 minutes?

Joel Ribout always dreamt of being in an eating contest and on Friday, he was. He ate 8.5 donuts in 4 minutes and won the Simpsons Donut Eating Contest at the Roxy hands down.

Homer and Bart were also in attendance as was Merrill Jarvis the THIRD! Eva ate 3 donuts when she should have been filming but Aram, Tim and Margot helped.

Do you know how the the president of Sugarbush Soaring lets his wife know he is ready to be picked up? He glides over their house where she is gardening and does a loop above her head. After years of this surreal form of notification, she knows the sound of his plane by instinct. Woah.

On Sunday Eva went up in a glider airplane for the first time. She is very proud of herself for not puking inside the cockpit and making a stinky mess. The still pictures she took on this trip may also be in the paper with Mike Ives story.

She spent hours talking to the gliding dudes because they were so damn interesting. She has also decided to become a glider pilot when she grows up - oops, the time has come. Perhaps she can fly with Angelina Jolie?!

Editing this video down to a 6.5 minutes nearly killed her and yes, she realizes it is STILL too long! How to portray an experience that meant so much to her in flimsy ol' 2D pixels??! HOW?!?!

Why is she talking about herself in the 3rd person again? Hmmm....

I have been making editorial videos for Seven Days. They don't get as much play as the Stuck in VT vlogs but they are honestly quite nice. Little slices of VT life with LESS of me in them. OH YEAH!


Q_Monroe said...

suzanne can't wait to go home and watch these on her computer! (she still has not gotten a new computer with a sound card :()

Q_Monroe said...

wow. hella cool!